Paranormal State is a new reality series premiering on the A&E network on December 10. We here at MovieWeb love giving stuff away to celebrate new releases, and that's just what we're doing with this new series. We are giving away t-shirts, flashlights, mugs, sling bags and American Apparel Track Jackets from the show to our readers.

Winners Receive:

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- Paranormal State t-shirt

- Paranormal State flashlight

- Paranormal State mug

- Paranormal State sling bag

- Paranormal State American Apparel Track Jacket

There is also a companion blog website for the show at and, as a part of your entry into this contest, we're having our readers answer a question about the blog. The answer can be found on the website and must be submitted with your contest entry. Here's the question:

According to the Paranormal Insider ( which well known celebrity claimed to have had a "pre-birth experience"?

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Paranormal State, from the producers of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, is a dramatic new A&E Real-Life series that chronicles the case files of the Paranormal Research Society (PRS), a renowned paranormal investigation team comprised of Penn State University college students. Paranormal State follows Ryan Buell (founder/director of PRS) and his college-age team of paranormal investigators as they set out on cases throughout the country. The PRS team, which Ryan started in 2001, has worked on cases involving demonic possession and exorcism, assisted law enforcement on missing person's cases, and have brought peace to frightened families. Through the use of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) recordings, client interviews, video documentation, old-fashioned research and the help from outside experts such as renowned psychics, demonologists and Penn State University psychologists and counselors, the PRS team delve dangerously into other worlds to try and help people who have no one else to turn to.