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The soundtrack to Superman: Doomsday was released on October 23, and we're giving away copies of the CD to our loyal readers.

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Winners Receive:

- Superman: Doomsday Soundtrack CD

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Superman: Doomsday is an all-new animated feature film based on the award-winning Death of Superman comic book trilogy. Composer Robert J. Kral (TV's Angel, The Dresden Files and The Lost Room) brings the Man of Steel to spectacular new heights with a score bursting with thrills, chills and emotional drama.

Where were you the day Superman died? Featuring the voices of Adam Baldwin, Anne Heche, James Marsters, Swoosie Kurtz, and Cree Summer, Superman: Doomsday looks at what happens when LexCorps accidentally unleashes a murderous creature, one which ultimately takes the life of Superman. Villain Lex Luthor resurrects our hero unleashing a clone of Superman with all of his powers and none of his heart. When Luthor loses control of the clone of Superman who will save Metropolis?

Taking on the responsibility of Superman proved a super task for composer Robert J. Kral. He described, "At the outset, the thought of scoring for Superman Doomsday was not only an immense thrill but also something of a daunting prospect. Who hasn't heard of Superman?! While I was ecstatic over discovering I would write music for one of his biggest, most legendary adventures, I was also keenly aware of the responsibility at hand in scoring such an event."

Instead of recreating melodies that other composers used for the various incarnations of Superman, Kral created a brand new Superman theme. "When I wrote the new theme I went for what I'd call a bit more of the "man" and a touch less of the "super" - meaning I tried to convey that this battle and this adventure was going to require tremendous effort on the part of our hero," said Kral. "So much so that instead of complete heroics, we were going to feel his struggle, even his pain as he pushed beyond the evil raging against him."

Kral is no stranger to writing themes for characters battling evil. For five seasons, Kral contributed the score for the TV series Angel. The Australian film and TV composer also composed the scores for the TV series The Dresden Files, Jake 2.0 and Miracles. He earned an Annie Award for Best Music in an Animated Television Production for his work on Duck Dodgers.

Superman: Doomsday is currently available on DVD. The Superman: Doomsday Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will be available in stores or from on October 23, 2007.