On December 5 Sony will release the Charlotte's Web soundtrack. To celebrate this wonderful film we are going to be giving away copies of it!

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Three-time Oscar® nominee and Grammy® Award-winning composer Danny Elfman's inspiring score for the motion picture Charlotte's Web will be released December 5 on Sony Classical's original soundtrack recording, which will also introduce the original song "Ordinary Miracle," performed by Sarah McLachlan and written by acclaimed songwriter/record producer Glen Ballard and music legend Dave Stewart.

In the classic tale of Charlotte's Web from writer E.B. White, someone very small finds that the most powerful force in the world is friendship. In the big-screen adaptation, the characters embark on a journey of friendship and bonding when Charlotte, the wise spider who lives in the rafters, befriends Wilbur, a pig and the runt of the litter. Wilbur has a youthful manner that makes him seem naive to the other animals in his new barn, but to Charlotte, he is a welcome friend. Their friendship is shown to be a lasting one when some of the other farm animals reveal that the pig's days are numbered. It seems that only a miracle will save Wilbur's life and Charlotte does make miracles happen when she spins words into her web in an effort to convince the farmer that Wilbur is "some pig" and worth saving. E.B. White's magical, beloved story of loyalty and sacrifice comes to life in this live-action adaptation.

Dakota Fanning stars as Fern Arable, the first person to see Wilbur for the terrific, radiant, and humble pig he is. Julia Roberts is the voice of Charlotte, who becomes Wilbur's best friend and savior. Also joining as cast voices for Charlotte's Web are Steve Buscemi as the barn's sardonic rat, Templeton; Oprah Winfrey as Gussy, the barn's maternal-yet-irreverent goose; Cedric the Entertainer as Golly, Gussy's gander; John Cleese as Samuel, the authoritative sheep; Robert Redford as Ike, the arachnophobic horse; Kathy Bates and Reba McEntire as the barn's sarcastic cows, Betsy and Bitsy; and Thomas Haden Church and André Benjamin as the dimwitted crows, Brooks and Elwyn.

Paramount Pictures and Walden Media Present A Kerner Entertainment Company/Nickelodeon Movies Production. Executive Produced by Edgar M. Bronfman, Julia Pistor, Bernie Williams, Paul Neesan, and produced by Jordan Kerner. Based on the Book by E. B. White. Screenplay by Susannah Grant and Karey Kirkpatrick. Directed by Gary Winick.

Accentuating the emotional and triumphant tale of friendship is the poignant original score from Danny Elfman. Following the twists and turns of each character, Elfman's music captures the atmosphere and sentiment of the film from the inspirational to the comical to the heartfelt with his lively inimitable style.

Charlotte's Web is Elfman's third soundtrack on the Sony Classical label, joining Big Fish (2003) and Planet of the Apes (2001). It follows the label's release this fall of the debut recording of Serenada Schizophrana, the composer's first large-scale symphonic work.

The Charlotte's Web soundtrack also includes the touching end-title song "Ordinary Miracle," performed by multiple Grammy® Award winner Sarah McLachlan. Since her signing with Arista Records nearly two decades ago, every one of Sarah McLachlan's studio and live albums and videos has been certified gold, platinum, or multi-platinum by the RIAA. McLachlan is also a three-time Grammy® Award winning artist who founded the legendary music festival Lilith Fair, which brought together two million people over its three-year history (1997-1999) and raised more than $7 million for charities.

"Ordinary Miracle" was written by Grammy® winning record producer/songwriter Glen Ballard and Golden Globe/Grammy® winner Dave Stewart. Ballard received both an Oscar® and a Golden Globe nomination in 2004 for his original song "Believe" from The Polar Express performed by Josh Groban, which went on to win the Grammy® in the Best Original Song category. A world-renowned innovator and musical legend and best known for his work with Annie Lennox in the Eurythmics, Stewart received the Golden Globe for Best Original song for "Old Habits Die Hard" which he penned with Mick Jagger for the film Alfie. Ballard is recognized as one of the industry's most successful producers/songwriters with more than 50 million records sold. His collaborations include gold/platinum selling albums with Alanis Morissette, No Doubt and Aerosmith, among others.

One of the most sought-after composers in Hollywood, Elfman has brought his versatile, highly distinctive sound to many of the definitive films of the age, winning Oscar® nominations for his scores for director Tim Burton's Big Fish in 2003, and Good Will Hunting and Men in Black in 1997, as well as a Grammy® Award in 1989 for his theme for Burton's Batman. His celebrated partnership with Burton also has included acclaimed scores for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride, Planet of the Apes, Sleepy Hollow, Mars Attacks!, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Batman Returns, Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice and Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

Elfman's credits include scores for a diverse array of films, among them Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, Nacho Libre, Chicago, Red Dragon, Men in Black II, A Simple Plan, Dolores Claiborne, Mission Impossible, To Die For, Dead Presidents, Sommersby, Darkman, Dick Tracy and Midnight Run. For television, he created the infectious themes for The Simpsons and Desperate Housewives, the latter winning him a 2005 Emmy® Award.

Danny Elfman's first experience in performance and composition was for a French theatrical troupe, Le Grand Magic Circus, at the age of 18. The following year, he collaborated with his brother Richard, performing musical theater on the streets of California. Elfman then worked with a surrealistic musical cabaret for six years, using this outlet to explore multifarious musical genres. For seventeen years he wrote and performed with his rock band Oingo Boingo, producing such hits as Weird Science and "Dead Man's Party."

Charlotte's Web opens December 15 in theaters everywhere from Paramount Pictures.