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The year’s most critically acclaimed and talented triumvirate cast star in THE CLEARING, a twisted tale of living the American dream, until that dream becomes a living nightmare. This stunning thriller debuts on Fox DVD and VHS November 9. Featuring stellar performances by Robert Redford (Spy Game, Indecent Proposal), Helen Mirren (Gosford Park, Calendar Girls) and Willem Dafoe (Spiderman, Shadow of the Vampire), THE CLEARING delivers a taut, engrossing thriller about fate, love and missed opportunities in Pieter Jan Brugge's (producer of

The Insider, Heat, Bulworth) directorial debut. A must-see for all Robert Redford fans, THE CLEARING DVD features a commentary track, deleted scenes and a still gallery for a suggested retail price of $27.98 U.S./$41.98 Canada.

DVD Special Features:

THE CLEARING is presented in English Dolby Digital 5.1, Spanish Dolby Sound and French Dolby Sound. Available in widescreen format, this release includes a commentary track by director Pieter Jan Brugge, screenwriter Justin Haythe, and film editor Kevin Trent. Additionally there are six deleted scenes with optional commentary by Jan Brugge, the full-length screenplay and an Inside Look at Fox’s upcoming release, Hide and Seek on the DVD.


Wayne and Eileen Hayes (Robert Redford, Helen Mirren) appear to be living the American dream, until that dream becomes a living nightmare. A self-made tycoon, Wayne is seemingly invincible. But all illusions are shattered when he is kidnapped in broad daylight from their peaceful Pittsburgh estate. Under the microscope of a probing FBI investigation and her own painstaking introspection, Eileen too is a victim. Meanwhile, Wayne, with his fate resting in the hands of a kidnapper

(Willem Dafoe) who has nothing to lose and everything to gain, finds himself in the most important negotiation ever - for his life...

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