We're giving away Eerie Indiana: The Complete Series on DVD to some lucky MovieWeb readers!

The series centers on the exploits of thirteen-year-old Marshall Teller and his confidant, ten-year-old Simon Holmes.  Together they explore and record all the “Eerie” happenings in Eerie, Indiana.

Eerie Indiana, hailed as a uniquely funny Sci-fi series was referred to as “a stylistic breakthrough” by USA Today, “cutting edge comedy” by The Hollywood Reporter and “original and funny” by The New York Times. The show has a very visible fan base- even 13 years after the first episode debuted.

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BMG Strategic Marketing Group announces the release of the highly anticipated critically acclaimed Sci-fi TV series “Eerie Indiana,” on DVD October 12th, 2004.  This 5 DVD box set brings the COMPLETE SERIES together for the first time. 


The Eerie Indiana 5 DVD box set includes all 19 episodes that originally ran on NBC in 1991.  Each DVD has been digitally remastered in 5.1 Surround Sound and has instant episode access and full motion interactive menus. 



- 5 DVD box set – All 19 Episodes!

- Complete series available for the first time

- Digitally remastered in 5.1 Surround Sound

- Instant Episode Access

- Full Motion Interactive Menus

Episode Listing: The Complete Series

Disc 1:

- "Forever Ware"

- "The Retainer"

- "ATM With A Heart Of Gold"

Disc 2:

- "The Losers"

- "America's Scariest Home Videos"

- "Just Say No Fun"

- "Heart On A Chain"

Disc 3:

- "The Dead Letter"

- "Who's Who"

- "The Lost Hour"

- "Marshall's Theory Of Believability"

Disc 4:

- "Tornado Days"

- "The Hole In The Head Gang"

- "Mr. Chaney"

- "No Brain, No Pain"

Disc 5:

- "The Loyal Order Of Corn"

- "Zombies In P.J.s"

- "Reality Takes A Holiday"

- "Broken Record"

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