Fans of uplifting music get ready because on November 21 the Home of the Brave soundtrack was released, and we are honoring this great film by giving away copies of it!

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Lakeshore Records released the Home of the Brave original soundtrack on November 21, 2006. The soundtrack contains the new song "Try Not to Remember" by Sheryl Crow and score by composer Stephen Endelman (Bride of the Wind, Flirting With Disaster).

From Academy Award-winner Irwin Winkler comes Home of the Brave, the story of four American soldiers nearing the end of their tours of duty in Iraq. Shortly after learning their unit will soon return home, they are sent on one final humanitarian mission to bring medical supplies to a remote Iraqi village. The unit is ambushed and takes heavy losses. The surviving troops suffer both physical and psychological injuries. Now, as they return to the United States, four soldiers must face memories of the past as they look towards the future and return to civilian life. These are their stories.

Home of the Brave is about hope and courage and the impact of war on both the individuals who fight it and the people close to them. Home of the Brave is directed by Irwin Winkler (producer of Goodfellas and Rocky) and written by Mark Friedman. Samuel Jackson (Coach Carter), Jessica Biel (Elizabethtown, TV's 7th Heaven), Curtis Jackson (Get Rich or Die Tryin'), and Brian Presley (TV's Port Charles) star.

Composer Stephen Endelman has shown remarkable ability to draw inspiration from a variety of musical traditions. His works have ranged from the rich orchestral score for The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill, But Came Down a Mountain, to his minimalist, modern score for the hit comedy Flirting With Disaster, which employs, among other things, a trio of singing saws and a battery of percussion instruments created for the film.

MGM presents Home of the Brave, an Irwin Winkler film, in select theaters on December 15 and wide on January 5, 2007. The original soundtrack, on Lakeshore Records, was released on November 21, 2006.