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An “eye-opening look at how disreputable characters can impact government” (Variety.com), THE HUNTING OF THE PRESIDENT is a probing documentary that offers a glimpse into the partisan vendettas and political machinations behind the nearly 10-year campaign to systematically destroy the political legacy of the Clintons. Arriving on DVD September 28, 2004 from Fox Home Entertainment, THE HUNTING OF THE PRESIDENT uses previously unreleased material, interviews and shocking revelations from both sides of the beltway. The documentary compiles evidence of a “vast, right-wing conspiracy” against Clinton from his gubernatorial days in Arkansas through his impeachment trial. Priced at $19.98 ($25.98 Canada), the DVD includes President Clinton’s speech at the premiere of the film.

DVD Special Features:

THE HUNTING OF THE PRESIDENT DVD features the speech President Clinton made at the premiere of the movie plus the original theatrical trailer. The DVD is presented in English Stereo or Mono and French Mono with Widescreen in 1:85:1 and Full Screen in 1.33:1.


One of the most popular U.S. Presidents in history, William Jefferson Clinton was also the subject of much controversy and a coordinated effort to discredit his presidency. Based on the best-selling book, this riveting documentary features footage of actual players from this real-life drama, including: PRESIDENT AND MRS. CLINTON, JAMES CARVILLE, SUSAN McDOUGAL, JERRY FALWELL, ROBERT BENNETT and more.

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