On June 12, a legend returns as the The Hustler: Collector's Edition and The Verdict: Collector's Editon come to DVD! To celebrate what a fine actor Paul Newman is we are giving copies of both these DVDs (in one set) to our users!

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- The Hustler: Collector's Edition and The Verdict: Collector's Editon 2 Disc DVD sets

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Lauded by critics and fans alike for more than 50 years, Paul Newman has had a rare and incomparable screen career filled with mesmerizing performances. On June 12, 2007 Fox Home Entertainment releases two of his best as for the first time as Collector's Edition DVDs. All-new two-disc sets include The Verdict: Collector's Edition and The Hustler: Collector's Edition. Both all-new two-disc Collector's Editions are packed with a wealth of bonus features. The Verdict includes commentary by Paul Newman and Sidney Lumet, "Paul Newman: The Craft of Acting," "Sidney Lumet: The Craft of Directing," "Hollywood Backstory: The Verdict," "Milestones In Cinema History: The Verdict" and more. The Hustler includes the documentaries "Paul Newman: Hollywood's Cool Hand Luke," and "The Hustler: The Inside Story," shot demonstrations, scene breakdowns, commentaries and much more. Each DVD will be available separately for $19.98/$25.98 Canada. Prebook is May 16, 2007.

Movie PictureA tour-de-force character study of an alcoholic lawyer seeking redemption and meaning through a high-stakes case, the taut and engrossing The Verdict was written for the screen by David Mamet (Glengarry Glen Ross) and directed by Sidney Lumet (Serpico). Newman's portrayal of Jack Galvin is ranked #19 on Premiere Magazine's 100 Greatest Performances of All Time and Roger Ebert said of the film "It's that Newman performance that stays in the mind."

In The Hustler, Newman plays Fast Eddie Felson, an up-and-coming pool player out to make a score against a long-time champion. Ebert said of the performance, "There are only a handful of movie characters so real that the audience refers to them as touchstones. Fast Eddie Felson is one of them." Celebrating its recent 45th anniversary, The Hustler remains an unforgettable depiction of the cold, hard reality of the pool hall, populated with stellar supporting performances by Piper Laurie (Carrie), George C. Scott (Patton) and Jackie Gleason (The Honeymooners) as Minnesota Fats. Newman is one of only four actors to be nominated for an Oscar twice for playing the same role in two separate films and Fast Eddie won him the Best Actor award in 1986 for The Color of Money in which he reprised the famous role opposite Tom Cruise.

The Verdict: Collector's EditionSynopsis:

Nominated for five Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor, The Verdict is "stirring, entertaining cinema" (US)! Presented in an incredible 2-disc DVD packed with compelling extras -- including all-new interviews with Oscar winner Paul Newman* and legendary director Sidney Lumet - The Verdict: Collector's Edition is the perfect way to experience "one of the finest courtroom movies ever made" (New York)!

Frank Galvin (Newman) is a boozy washed-up attorney with a losing streak a mile long. So when he's handed a lucrative out-of-court settlement, everyone expects him to take the money and run. But Frank is tired of running. In a desperate bid to reclaim his self-respect, he recklessly brings the case to court - only to discover that if finding the whole truth is a little like trial and error, then finding real justice is a lot like trial by fire.

The Hustler: Collector's EditionSynopsis:

Experience The Hustler as never before! The "provocative and powerful" (The Hollywood Reporter) masterpiece is now a 2-disc Collector's Set! Featuring a new on-camera interview with Paul Newman and more than four hours of extras, this is the definitive edition of the landmark film which propelled Newman to the top ranks of Hollywood and introduced the world to one of cinema's most indelible characters - Fast Eddie Felson.

With his boyish grin and laid-back good looks, Fast Eddie Felson has fleeced his share of pool-hall gamblers. Now the brash pool shark is after the king of the cue stick: Minnesota Fats (Jackie Gleason). But after losing to Fats in a grueling, 36-hour match, Eddie hits the skids. Only the intervention of a ruthless gambler (George C. Scott), who stakes his claim to Eddie's soul, can teach this hustler the cruel art of winning.

The Verdict: Collector's EditionDVD Features:

- Commentary by Paul Newman and Sidney Lumet

- "Paul Newman: The Craft of Acting"

- "Sidney Lumet: The Craft of Directing"

- "Hollywood Backstory: The Verdict"

- "Milestones In Cinema History: The Verdict"

- " Making Of" featurette

- Still gallery

- Theatrical trailer

- The Films of Paul Newman trailers

The Verdict: Collector's EditionTechnical Specs:

- Rating: R

- Run Time: 129 minutes

- CC: Yes

- Aspect Ratio: Widescreen - 2.35:1

- Audio: English Stereo and Mono sound, as well as French Mono

The Hustler: Collector's EditionDVD Features:

- "Paul Newman: Hollywood's Cool Hand Luke"

- "The Hustler: The Inside Story"

- "Life In The Fast Lane: Fast Eddie Felson And The Search For Greatness"

- "Milestones In Cinema History: The Making Of The Hustler"

- "Swimming With Sharks: The Art Of The Hustle"

- Shot demonstrations & scene breakdowns

- Opening Scene Demonstration

- Six in the Corner

- Eddie Makes A Cross Corner Combo Shot

- Fast Eddie One Ball in Corner Pocket

- Massey Shot

- Commentary by Paul Newman, Carol Rossen (Robert Rossen's Daughter), Dede Allen (Editor), Stefan Gierasch (Actor), Ulu Grosbard (Assistant Director), Richard Schickel (Film Critic, Time) and Jeff Young (Film Historian)

- Still gallery

- Theatrical trailer

- The Films of Paul Newman trailers

The Hustler: Collector's EditionDVD Features:

- Rating: Not Rated

- Run Time: 135 minutes

- CC: Yes

- Aspect Ratio: Widescreen - 2.35:1

- Audio: English Stereo and Mono, French Mono and Spanish Mono