Ion TV will be airing its new mini-series Flood on December 16, and in celebration of this release we're giving away another Ion TV recent release, Killer Wave for our MovieWeb readers.

Winners Receive:

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- Killer Wave DVD

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When a raging storm coincides with high tides to unleash a colossal tidal surge, the River Thames quickly rises to unprecedented levels and overwhelms the series of barriers designed to keep the city of London safe and dry. As millions of lives hang in the balance, three experts - a top marine engineer, his ex-wife and his father - race against time to save a city on the brink of annihilation. With global warming, rising sea levels, intensifying storms and other real-life issues making headlines on a daily basis, Flood takes viewers to the heart of a catastrophe that seems both unimaginable and yet all too possible in today's world. Click below to view the trailer

Killer Wave

Renegade scientist John McAdams (Angus Macfadyen), an expert on man-made ecological disasters and weapons of mass destruction, is called upon to pin point the cause of what appears to be a bizarre series of natural disasters. Partnered with the beautiful, young Sophie Marleau (Karine Vanasse) of the Oceanographic Institute, McAdams has grave suspicions that the deadly waves are man-made cataclysms triggered to wipe out half of the world. When another scientist sets out to prove who's behind the undersea explosions, he's murdered, and McAdams becomes the prime suspect. With the stakes raised, McAdams is on the run.

Special Features

- Making a Splash - from blue screen to silver screen

- Interviews with the cast

- Original trailer