Love's Unending Legacy was released on DVD on December 4, but who wants to go to the store with the gas prices so high these days. How about you just sit at home and enter our contest to win the DVD for free and save on gas money. Score!

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- Love's Unending Legacy DVD

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The Western frontier is the backdrop of the uplifting and wholesome drama that chronicles the LaHaye family's search for love and discovery. In Love's Unending Legacy, Erin Cottrell reprises her role as Missie LaHaye, whose husband was killed after relocating to a new town and is forced to adapt to life in a new place on her own. After struggling to work the land and raise her son by herself she returns to her parent's ranch, adopts a young girl and sets forth on a mission to find happiness for her new family. With more than 30 million copies of the books sold, fans can continue to follow the inspirational love story of a more innocent time in this heartwarming film.