Eagle Rock Entertainment celebrates all things male with the release of The Man Show: The Complete Second Season on DVD. The New York Daily News hailed The Man Show, "Too witty to dismiss…clever…funny in execution as well as premise." A must have for any man who enjoys beer and women in bikinis, The Man Show: The Complete Second Season will be available June 15, 2004 on DVD for $49.98.

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Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla (currently hosted by "Fear Factor" host Joe Rogan and comedian Doug Stanhope), The Man Show has created a phenomenon that delights men and disgusts women of all ages, becoming Comedy Central’s second highest rated show behind South Park. Special features on this DVD of The Man Show include never before seen footage outtakes and, of course, even more outtakes of girls jumping on trampolines.


* Episode 201: "More Juggies!"

* Episode 202: "Powerful Women"

* Episode 203: "The Man Show Boy"

* Episode 204: "Husbandly Duties"

* Episode 205: "We Donate To Charity"


* Episode 206: "TV Shows"

* Episode 207: "Work Place Behavior"

* Episode 208: "For Women: How To Get A Man"

* Episode 209: "Teaching Women About The Work Place"

* Episode 210: "Will You Buy Me A Beer?"


* Episode 211: "Election Smear Campaigns"

* Episode 212: "International Customs About Sex"

* Episode 213: "Hef’s House"

* Episode 214: "Myths & Facts About College"

* Episode 215: "Introducing Karl Malone"


* Episode 216: "Benny Hill"

* Episode 217: "Juggy Training"

* Episode 218: "Credit Cards"

* Episode 219: "Girl Scouts"

* Episode 220: "Car Show"


* Episode 221: "Holiday Show"

* Episode 222: "Sex Show"

* Episode 223: "Sports Show"

* Episode 224: "Laziness"

* Episode 225: "Phone Sex"


* Episode 226: "Jamaica"

* Bonus Materials:

* Karl Malone on Reading

* Karl Malone on Ghosts

* Karl Malone on Super Heroes

* Man Show Miracles - Tagged Up

* Man Show Miracles - Lost Weight After Marriage

* Man Show Miracles - Packed Efficiently

* Man Show Miracles - Leftovers

* The Juggbournes

* Tobias Cats

* What’s With The Attitude?

* Girls Jumping On Trampolines - Men Love Girls Who Dress Up!

In 2003, Kimmel launched his popular late-night talk show on ABC, "Jimmy Kimmel Live." He also appears on "Fox NFL Sunday" with "Jimmy’s Picks," where he predicts the outcomes of various games. Even though Kimmel is far from being considered a football "expert," his two-year record far surpasses that of any other sports personality on television. In addition, he is the Executive Producer and Co-Creator of the ever -so-popular "Crank Yankers."

Adam Carolla co-hosts the radio show "Loveline" with Dr. Drew Pinksy. Due to the enormous success of "Loveline," MTV developed a television version of the show, which he co-hosted with Dr. Drew for four seasons. Most recently, Carolla is the Executive Producer and Co-Creator of "Crank Yankers," alongside Kimmel.

Carolla and Kimmel have created a show that simply celebrates all things male, offering all men a haven where for one testosterone filled half-hour, they can embrace lighthearted chauvinism.

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