The Michael Moore DVD Collector's Set: From the landmark film Roger & Me to the controversial and record-breaking Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore has proven himself to be one of the most provocative, fearless and witty filmmakers of our time. On October 5th, just in time for the national elections this fall, MGM Home Entertainment proudly presents the

Michael Moore DVD Collector's Set, including two of his most lauded films:

Bowling For Columbine and Miramax Home Entertainment's The Big One. In addition, the gift set also includes a bonus disc featuring an all-new featurette entitled "39 Cities In 23 Days" with behind-the-scenes footage from Moore's Dude, Where's My Country? book tour.

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In Bowling For Columbine, Moore mixes chilling footage, outrageous animation and candid interviews with everyone from the NRA's Charlton Heston to shock-rocker Marilyn Manson to explore America's culture of guns, violence and fear. In addition to an Academy Award® for Best Documentary in 2003, Bowling For Columbine won more than 20 other awards and was named one of the best films of the year by more than 160 critics. The Big One follows Moore's journey to find an executive – any executive – who will answer one big question: If Fortune 500 companies are posting record-setting profits, why do they continue laying off thousands of workers? Uniquely entertaining and thought-provoking, The Big One became a favorite among critics and audiences alike, winning numerous film festival awards.

The Bowling For Columbine two-disc Special Edition DVD contains over four hours of bonus material including an exclusive interview with Moore on his Oscar® win and acceptance speech, an audio commentary, television appearances, a video montage of Moore following the film festival circuit, a photo gallery, a Marilyn Manson music video, an educational "Teacher's Guide" and more. The Big One DVD includes the original theatrical trailer. The Michael Moore DVD Collector's Set will be available for the suggested retail price of $29.98. Additionally, each film will be sold separately on DVD for the suggested retail prices of $14.95 for

the Bowling For Columbine standard edition and $19.99 for The Big One. The standard edition DVD of Bowling For Columbine will not include bonus material.

Michael Moore DVD Collector's Set

- Bowling For Columbine Special Edition

- The Big One

- Bonus DVD including "39 Cities In 23 Days" featurette

Bowling For Columbine

Are we a nation of gun nuts… or are we just nuts? Moore journeys into America's heartland to answer this question following the tragic 1999 massacre at Columbine High School. Probing the underlying issues of racism, poverty and fear in our culture with a mix of wit, compassion and "bottomless chutzpah" (Variety), Moore delivers a "volcanically funny and seriously scary look at America's obsession with guns [that's] meant to shake us up good. And it does"

(Rolling Stone).

Running Time: 119 minutes MPAA Rating: R

Screen Format: 16X9 Widescreen Subtitles: ENG, SP

Language: English 5.1 Surround Closed captioning

The Bowling For Columbine Special Edition DVD features:

- Exclusive Moore interview on his Oscar win and acceptance speech

- Four-minute introduction by Moore

- Audio commentary by Moore

- "Return To Denver/Littleton" featurette

- "Film Festival Scrapbook"

- Marilyn Manson's "Fight Song" music video

- "Teacher's Guide" educational materials

- Moore interviewed by Clinton Press Secretary

- Moore interviewed by Joe Lockhart at HBO's U.S. Comedy Arts Festival

- "The Awful Truth": "Coporate Cops Episode"

- "The Charlie Rose Show" interview with Moore

- "Mike's Action Guide"

- Staff and Crew photo gallery featuring approximately 50 stills

- Theatrical trailer

The Big One

Armed only with a camera and a sharp sense of humor, Michael Moore is back in the nation's heartland and searching for an executive -- any executive -- who will respond to one tough question: If Fortune 500 companies are posting record-setting profits, why do they continue laying off thousands of workers? Looking out for the little guy with plenty of laughs along the way, Moore's howlingly funny crusade has resulted in a crowd-pleasing motion picture that's big entertainment fun!

Running Time: 90 minutes Language: English Dolby 2.0

Screen Format: Original 4X3 presentation Subtitles: ENG, FR, SP

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for some strong language

Closed captioning

The Big One DVD features:

- Original theatrical trailer