Over Her Dead Body is coming to DVD on May 6 and we're celebrating this new release with another giveaway. We're giving away copies of this DVD starring Eva Longoria, Paull Rudd, Lake Bell and Jason Biggs away to our viewers. This disc will go fast, so enter this contest today.

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- Over Her Dead Body DVD.

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Eva Longoria Parker, Paul Rudd, and Lake Bell star in first time feature filmmaker Jeff Lowell's heavenly romantic comedy concerning a female psychic (Bell) and a doubtful skeptic (Rudd) who find their fledgling love affair thwarted by the latter's recently deceased fiancee (Longoria). Henry (Rudd) and Kate (LongoriaParker) were all prepared to live out their happily ever after when tragedy struck from out of nowhere and Kate was killed on their wedding day. In the aftermath of the accident, a devastated Paul reluctantly takes his sister's advice and pays a visit to local psychic Ashley (Bell). Now, despite the fact that he openly questions her ability to communicate with the dearly departed, Paul can't help but falling head over heels in love with Ashley. Despite the fact that the feelings are most certainly mutual, however, their growing relationship is threatened when Kate makes it her supernatural mission to sabotage the happy couple's fledgling relationship before it starts to get serious.