Perfect Strangers: The Complete First and Second Seasons is coming to DVD on February 26, and we want to celebrate the DVD release of this unique 80s show. We're giving away the four-disc DVD set with the first two seasons to our readers. Click below to win this "ridikulas" collection.

Winners Receive:

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- Perfect Strangers: The Complete First and Second Seasons DVD set

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Welcome to Chicago, Balki Bartokomous! The professional sheepherder from the tiny island of Mypos won't find many woolly quadrupeds in the Windy City, but he will find pop-top soda cans, Singles bars, Color TV, Mobsters, Game shows, Pink lemonade (how'd they get pink lemons?), and many more modern oddities sure to amaze the man from Mypos. Bronson Pinchot portrays Balki and Mark Linn-Baker plays his stateside cousin and long-suffering roommate in Perfect Strangers, the hilarious culture-clash comedy that delighted fans for eight hit seasons with its mix of slapstick and insight. Should you miss a single laugh in this complete, 28-episode, 4-disc Season One/Two collection? Don't be ridikalus!

Special Features

- "Dance of Joy" montage