The adventures of Jarod come to an end on July 18 when The Pretender: Season 4 comes to DVD! To commemorate this momentous occasion, we are going to be giving away copies of the DVD set!

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Able to master any profession and become almost any person, Jarod (Michael T. Weiss, "Justice League") is the Pretender... a man whose extraordinary intellect allows him to infiltrate spheres of the highest influence in the name of protecting the innocent. The hunt for clues to his mysterious past comes to an end when Fox Home Entertainment releases the final season, The Pretender: Season 4, on DVD on July 18, 2006. Chased and pursued by the very people who trained him, the final season features many twists and turns including Jarod reuniting with his long-lost sister, and Ms. Parker (Andrea Parker, "Less Than Perfect") finding out the truth behind her mother's death.

The Pretender generated a tremendously loyal fan base during its run on NBC from 1996 to 2000, attracting nine million weekly viewers and becoming the top-rated Saturday night drama among males 18-34. The Pretender: Season 4 four-disc DVD set features all 19 episodes from the final season, three featurettes and select episode commentary by stars Michael T. Weiss and Andrea Parker and writers Craig W. Van Sickle, Tommy Thompson and Steven Long Mitchell. The DVD set will be available for the suggested retail price of $39.98 U.S. / $54.98 Canada.


Disc 1 - Side A:

- The World's Changing

- Survival

- Angel's Flight

- Risqué Business

Disc 1 - Side B:

- Road Trip

- Extreme

Disc 2 - Side A:

- Wild Child

- Rules of Engagement

- Till Death Do Us Part

- Spin Doctor

Disc 2 - Side B:

- Cold Dick

- Lifeline

Disc 3 - Side A:

- Ghosts from the Past

- The Agent of Year Zero

- Junk

- School Daze

Disc 3 - Side B:

- The Meltdown

- Corn Man A Coming

Disc 4 - Side A:

-The Inner Sense

Disc 4 - Side B:

DVD Features:

- Commentary Tracks

- Jarod's Mythology Part 1

- Jarod's Mythology Part 2

- Looking for Chip Greenfelt

Technical Specs:

- Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 - Widescreen

- Audio: English, Spanish and French Dolby Surround

- Subtitles: Spanish

- U.S. Rating: Not Rated

- Run Time: 1031 minutes

- CC: Yes