Prison Break: Season 3 is busting out onto the DVD and Blu-Ray shelves on August 12 and you can take this new four-disc set home with just a click of the mouse. We have another contest and we're giving away copies of this new DVD set to our readers. These sets will fly out of here fast, so enter this contest today.

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- Prison Break: Season 3 four-disc DVD set

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Michael Scofield (Miller) finds himself once again imprisoned - but this time at SONA, a Panamonian Prison without rules and without guards. Along with fellow inmates T-Bag (Knepper), Mahone (Fichtner) and Bellick (Williams) and with the outside aid of brother Lincoln (Purcell), Michael not only must fight to survive, but is also tasked with breaking out of prison...again.

Special Features

- Orientation - featurette

- Breakout Episode - featurette

- Director's Takes:

Episode 1 - Kitchen to Morgue

Episode 2 - Whistler and Mahone

Episode 3 - Red Light

Episode 4 - Gravedigger

Episode 5 - T-Bag

Episode 6 - Panama

Episode 7 - Car Crash

Episode 8 - Whistler's Escape

Episode 9 - Hair/Makeup

Episode 10 - Sammy Dies

Episode 11 - Rain

Episode 12 - Night Escape from Sona

Episode 13 - Foot Race

- Between Takes:


Jodi Lyn O Keefe

Chris Vance

William Fichtner

Amaury Nalasco

Robert Knepper

Danay Garcia

- Full Episode: "The Unit"

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