On November 21 The Punisher: Extended Cut muscled it's way on to DVD. To celebrate we are giving away some new Punisher posters signed by artist Tim Bradstreet as well as the new DVD!

Winners Receive:

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- New Punisher posters signed by artist Tim Bradstreet

- The Punisher: Extended Cut DVD

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Commissioned by Lionsgate, Bradstreet created this brand new movie poster style image specifically for the Extended Cut DVD release.

In addition to this we are also showcasing exclusive Punisher images by Tim Bradstreet.

The conceptual images represented here were created by Bradstreet to serve as "key art" for the animated Kuwait sequence. This key art was used to give the animators a good idea or direction for what the animated frames might look like in the final version. The black and white images here incorporate some of the actual line illustrations that were generated for the animation itself while the color image shows one of several techniques that were experimented with in preproduction.


An ordinary lawman goes outside the law to carry out his own brand of justice in this dark-themed thriller. Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) is an FBI agent who deeply loves his wife and son, but is also strongly devoted to his work. Castle's investigation of a powerful crime cartel leads to a gunfight which claims the life of a young boy, whose father is underworld kingpin Howard Saint (John Travolta).

Furious and eager for revenge, Saint arranges for Castle and his family to be murdered in retaliation. However, while Castle's wife and son are killed, he somehow survives, even though he's believed to have perished. Bent on stopping Saint once and for all, Castle remakes himself as The Punisher: Extended Cut, a ruthless and heavily armed killing machine who will not rest until Saint and his crew have been wiped clean from the Earth. Based on a Marvel Comics character first introduced in 1974, The Punisher: Extended Cut also stars Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Laura Elena Harring, Roy Scheider, and Kevin Nash.

The Punisher: Extended Cut is currently available on DVD from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

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