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Rediscover the unique community of Liberty Avenue, where Brian (Gale Harold), Michael (Hal Sparks), Justin (Randy Harrison), Emmett (Peter Paige), Ted (Scott Lowell), Lindsay (Thea Gill), Melanie (Michelle Clunie), Ben (Robert Gant), and Debbie (Sharon Gless) proudly reside.

We pick up where season two left off, after Justin has chosen the romantic Ethan over Brian. Will he be able to find in Ethan what he thought Brian lacked? As Brian adjusts to life without Justin, Michael and Ben face the complexities of an HIV positive/negative relationship.

Ted and Emmett discover that best friends can become lovers, but even with an extensive history between them, they've still got a lot to discover about each other. Melanie and Lindsay make a major decision that will impact the shape of their family.

This season's 14 episodes focus on the relationships, careers, loves and ambitions of a group of gay men and women living in Pittsburgh. The third season unfolds in true QAF style -- with brash humor and genuine emotion.

QUEER AS FOLK is an unapologetic celebration of gay life in all its varied forms. As we discover the differences that define us, we recognize the similarities that make us all human.

Special Features:

" Music Video of "Some Lovin'" by Kristine W.

" Behind the Camera of QAF Season 3

" Wrap Party/Gag Reel

" Season 4 Sneak Peek

" Audio Commentary (Episode 14)

" Hot Summer Days (A day in the life of the actors during hiatus)

" Enter Babylon: Los Angeles (Making of Babylon in LA w/interviews of DJ's and guests)

" Meet The Folk (Updated bios of actors)

" Animated Photo Gallery

" Web link

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