Tenacious D The Complete Masterworks: Oh man do we have a great contest for you. In honor of last week's DVD release of Tenacious D The Complete Masterworks, we're giving you a chance to win some great prizes!

Winners will receive a chance to win a prize package containing:

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- The Complete Masterworks DVD

- The Complete Masterworks Poster

- The Complete Masterworks Stickers

- A rare Limited Editon VHS of "F*** Her Gently"

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To get you in the mood, here is some great media from the DVD set:

Download The Tenacious D-card! (Talking Devils are always fun!)

CLICK HERE for the PC Version!

CLICK HERE for the Macintosh Verision!

Watch Tenacious D "Explosivo"!

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Tenacious D DVD The Complete Masterworks In Stores November 4th contains: