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Destroy Entertainment is proud to present The Dudesons Movie, the breakout DVD premiere film starring the four best childhood friends who started their extreme careers way before Jackass was even born.

"The guys started before Jackass started." - Steve-O (Jackass, Wildboyz)

These totally loveable, yet totally lunatic guys live life to the fullest with insane antics and stunts in the already extreme surroundings of the Arctic Circle. Jarppi "The Daredevil," Jukka "The Showman," HP "The Bonebreaker," and Jarno "The Mastermind" together they are The Dudesons, along with their transsexual, 500 lb. pet pig Britney.

"The Dudesons f*cking rock." - Bam Margera (Jackass, Viva La Bam)

The everlasting ice and darkness of the arctic winter froze The Dudesons and the nightless summers drove them insane. Growing up in these severe conditions solidified their bond and drove them to the craziness they call life. At their home ranch The Dudesons cause mayhem with perilous car stunts, start a full blown war against their evil neighbor Mr. Hitler, do a wake-up call with a baseball bat to the balls, and accidentally burn down their home-and this is all just the beginning. Along for the ride are special guests Bam Margera (Viva La Bam) and Steve-O (Jackass).

"When I saw the footage of The Dudesons, I realized that I'm not the king of pain anymore!" - Steve-O (Jackass, Wildboyz)

The accidents pile up-repeatedly suffering broken bones, lost thumbs, burnt skin, and near death experiences, these guys live life on the edge, but through it all The Dudesons remain best friends in this story of true brotherhood.

"We're taking The Dudesons to DVD almost simultaneously as they debut on SPIKE TV. Their antics speak for themselves and The Dudesons are the real deal." - Eric Boyd, CEO, Destroy Entertainment

The Dudesons-This is their life!

The Dudesons

Jarppi is the crazy Viking. Also known as the human dartboard, he boasts 9 fingers after losing his thumb in a wrestling match with a wild arctic bear.

Jukka is the showman. The ladies man and athlete, he has endless amounts of energy and is infamous for his nudity and the "testicle mousetrap" stunt.

HP is the professional snowboarder of the group. HP has broken more bones than all other DUDESONS combined and has since been denied medical insurance by virtually every insurance company in Finland.

Jarno, the brains, takes care of the filming and editing of The Dudesons videos. He is the calmest of the whole group but occationally boasts huge anger management issues.

Britney is The Dudesons beloved pet pig and has grown up into a monstrous 500 lb beast. The gender of the pig is still a big mystery to everyone.

Since 1995 Jarno has filmed the guys hanging out and causing havoc. In 1997 they released their first extreme stunt video in Finland. Since then they have skyrocketed to international superstardom. In 2001 THE DUDESONS secured their fame with a TV show airing on one of Finland's largest television stations and the show has since been distributed to Italy, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, and most recently North America. Programming in the U.S. will be aired on Spike TV starting July 6. All of The Dudesons programs and videos are produced by Rabbit Films Ltd, which is owned 100% by The Dudesons themselves.

The Dudesons Movie will be available on DVD July 11, 2006 at all retail outlets and at www.destroynetwork.com for a suggested retail price of $19.95.


- Introducing The Dudesons

- The Blindfolded Car Jump

- Bam Margera & The Bloodhouse Gang

- Life At The Dudesons Ranch

- Introducing Jarppi

- Golfing At The Ranch

- A Guide To The Finnish Language

- The Handbrake Accident

- The Stiga Horse

- The Shotgun Accident

- Introducing Jukka

- The Knight Rider

- The Angry Ants

- On Thin Ice

- A Hotel In Norway

- Winter Life At The Ranch

- Introducing Jarno

- The Finnish Sauna

- Ice Fishing

- Introducing Hp

- The Moped Jump

- Steve-O

- The Dudesons Live Show

- KissFM & The Deathjump

- Introducing Britney

- Sexhibition

- Mr. Hitler Part 1

- Jarppi's Cooking School

- Mr. Hitler Part 2

- The Outhouse Surprise

- Fire In The House

- The End

- The Testicle Trap


- Dudesons Commentary Track

- Photo Gallery

- Visiting Viva La Bam in Las Vegas

- Getting Even With Mr. Hitler Part 1

- Bam & Bloodhound Gang

- Chillin Out In The Park

- The Nipple Torture & Trashcan Dive

- THE DUDESONS At A Rock Festival

- The Babysitters

- Mad Mike Jones

- The Dudesons Live Gig

- Trailers

- Easter Eggs

- Bios

Technical Specs:

- Total Running Time: +/- 100 minutes

- Rating: NR