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La-La Land Records will release the soundtrack of the television mini-series The Triangle on April 18. The Triangle is a six-hour mini-series produced for the SCI FI Channel and the BBC by Dean Devlin and Bryan Singer about the Bermuda Triangle. It features score composed by Joseph LoDuca (Boogeymen, Army of Darkness)

Composer Joseph LoDuca is an accomplished guitarist with a background in jazz. He began a longstanding professional relationship with Director Sam Raimi with his The Evil Dead, his first feature film. This led to further projects for LoDuca including the Hercules and "Xena" television series and Army of Darkness.

Dean Devlin, who wrote the liner notes for the soundtrack of The Triangle, first worked with LoDuca on the 2004 television film The Librarian. Devlin describes the experience as "one of the best in my career. He was not only brilliant, but incredibly collaborative and the result was a magnificent full orchestral score that blew people away."

Created and produced by Dean Devlin and Bryan Singer, The Triangle originally aired on SCI FI in December and will be rebroadcast in March. A wealthy industrialist (played by Sam Neill) hires a team of experts (which include performances by Eric Stoltz, Lou Diamond Phillips, Bruce Davison, Catherine Bell and Michael Rodgers) to solve, once and for all, the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Their encounters result in terrifying side effects, and we soon learn that the Navy is behind putting a halt to their research.

The number three is key to the score - there are three themes developed throughout the piece. Composer LoDuca cleverly uses sound design elements, including reversing entire sections of the orchestral recordings and manipulating percussion, are used to create unsettling effects with the score. Devlin says "This driving and probing score goes right to the mystery and tone of the film."

The Triangle soundtrack on La-La Land Records will be available in stores and via www.lalalandrecords.com on April 18, 2006.