Movie PictureMovie PictureUnsolved Mysteries: Ghosts: and Unsolved Mysteries: UFOs: October is upon us. The scariest month of the year. And as you can tell, we here at MovieWeb are excited.

To further extend our excitement for the creepiness in the air, we're giving away one of the greatest series ever to grace television networks, only known as Unsolved Mysteries! And just to get that chill running down your spine, we're giving away the UFO and GHOST series of the show!

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First Look Media, have released the 15 season hit TV series, Unsolved Mysteries, on DVD in genre-specific box sets, beginning with “The UFO Files” on September 7th , “Scariest Ghost Stories” on October 5th and “Astonishing Miracles” on November 9th , with “Bizarre Murders,” “Mysterious Legends,” “Incredible Psychics and ESP” box sets to be scheduled next year. Each set will be a compilation of the best episodes within that genre, creating a “best of” Unsolved Mysteries, and will contain 4 DVDs and over 6 hours of programming.

A ratings leader on NBC and CBS for 12 years, Unsolved Mysteries consistently won its time period and often won the night during its historic network run. It is broadcast’s longest-running reality program and one of the longest-running programs of any type. In fact, Unsolved Mysteries still airs today on Lifetime and has become Lifetime’s most successful series. The series’ 15 years places it among select longevity champions as Cheers, MASH and Murder She Wrote. Unsolved Mysteries’ host, Robert Stack, is considered one of television’s most popular personalities, ranking number 6 with such star power as Rosie O’Donnell and Oprah Winfrey in Performer Q’s poll. The popular series has tackled many popular mysteries and urban myths such as the existance of UFO’s, the reality of miracles, and the use of psychic power, often combining these explorations of paranormal mysteries with the search for answers to unsolved crimes.

A recent survey conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates (the gold standard for television research) determined that Unsolved Mysteries had 99% recognition by the by the public, and over 75% said the series was excellent or very good. During its run, members of the audience tuned into Unsolved Mysteries. over 15 billion times. According to Magid: "Unsolved Mysteries is an exceptionally strong program, one of the strongest ever...It gets especially high marks for credibility, its varied content, and for being entertaining."

“We are excited to enter the television series DVD/video market with one of TV’s most popular reality television series of all time. Unsolved Mysteries’ distribution in the home entertainment marketplace has been long awaited, and we have been pursuing this deal for quite some time. Unsolved Mysteries is a collectible series that its fans have been patiently waiting for. With the creation of very attractive and informative box sets including carefully compiled segments to fit under the category of one mystery – such as “UFO” or “Miracles,” we expect these box sets to interest not only fans of the series, but attract new viewers, as well, that are interested in the subject matter. We are working closely with producers John Cosgrove and Terry Meurer, who have been instrumental in organizing these sets in the most creative and versatile manner for faithful fans and new devotees alike,” stated Bill Bromiley. Added Cosgrove, "Viewers just can't seem to get enough of Unsolved Mysteries. We get requests in the thousands to our 800 phone number and to our website from viewers asking how to obtain off network copies. We are delighted to partner with First Look to satisfy this demand."

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