For the first time, fans of The X-Files can follow every twist and turn in the complex web of alien conspiracies and government cover-ups in themythology story arc beginning with The X-Files Mythology: Abduction arriving as a four-DVD set on June 7, 2005 from Fox Home Entertainment.

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Consisting of 16 episodes from seasons 1-3, The X-Files Mythology: Abduction presents the government conspiracy episodes in order, beginning with the series pilot and is the first of a series of 4 Mythology sets. The set also features commentary on selected episodes and part one of the newdocumentary "Threads Of The Mythology," which provides a behind-the-scenes look at the devlopment of this groundbreaking story arc. The X-Files Mythology: Abduction will be available for the suggested retail price of $39.98 U.S./$54.98 Canada and prebook is April 20, 2005.


The Mythology is Chris Carter's visionary story arc of The X-Files comprised of 60 episodes from all nine seasons of the show. Now you can follow every government conspiracy, alien abduction, and hidden truth right from the beginning.


Ever since witnessing the abduction of his sister, Fox Mulder has believed in the existence of extraterrestrials. Now an FBI agent, his obsession with finding his sistergrows as he examines the unsolved and often unexplainable cases the FBI has labeled X-Files. But as his search continues, he uncovers a series of seemingly interwoven events of which his sister's abduction is but a part. Although Mulder fails time and again to get hard evidence that could prove his theories, mysterious contacts supply him with information which only strengthens his belief that a far-reaching government conspiracy is covering up the truth that has been kept hidden for over fifty years.


When agent Dana Scully is assigned to work on the X-Files, Agent Fox Mulder suspects she's there to spy on him. Nevertheless, he introduces his new partner to his current case involving a series of mysterious murders in the Pacific Northwest. Although Mulder is searching for otherworldly answers, Scully is sure there is a more earthly scientific explanation. As their partnership continues, their opposing beliefs become the norm, with Mulder being the believer and Scully "the skeptic". But Scully's mysterious abduction and Mulder's near-death experience in the New Mexico desert will challenge those beliefs and make it clear that discovering the elusive truth can be deadly.

DVD Special Features:

The X-Files Mythology: Abduction four-disc set includes 16 episodes from seasons 1-3 with commentary on selected episodes, plus part one of Chris Carter's new documentary "Threads Of Mythology," which explains the meaning of "The X Files." The DVDs are presented in widescreen (1.78:1) with English, Spanish and French Dolby Surround.

The following is a breakdown for each disc:

Disc 1

- Pilot

- Deep Throat

- Fallen Angel


Bonus Feature:

- Commentary on the Pilot by Chris Carter

Disc 2

- The Erlenmeyer Flask

- Little Green Men

- Duane Barry

- Ascension

Bonus Feature:

- Episode commentary

Disc 3

- One Breath

- Colony

- End Game

- Anasazi

Bonus Feature:

- Episode Commentary

Disc 4

- The Blessing Way

- Paper Clip

- Nisei

- 731

Bonus Features:

- Episode Commentary

- "Threads of Mythology" Part One