October 3 is going to be a sad and a great day all at once as Three's Company: Season 8 comes to DVD! To celebrate we are giving away some copies to a few lucky people!

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On October 3, Anchor Bay Entertainment bids adieu to the most outrageous roomies of all-time with Three's Company: Season 8 on DVD.

The TV series that jiggled its way into the hearts of America soon became an Award winning hit and a weekly reminder that farce was alive and well and living on the beach in sunny Santa Monica. This wild 8th season set (coming out as the series has its high-profile 30th Anniversary) is packaged into a fun 4 disc set containing all 21 episodes, including the tearful two-part last episode.


Based on the British series Man of the House, Three's Company had fun with changing sexual attitudes and mores, and remains a colorful snapshot of the times and a laugh out loud funny pop culture phenomenon. The story of an amorous young chef named Jack Tripper (John Ritter, 8 Simple Rules), who shares a tiny beach side apartment with two very smart and sexy women, Janet (Joyce Dewitt, Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Three's Company) and Terri (Priscilla Barnes, The Devil's Rejects), who lead Jack into a wacky barrage of sly and saucy misunderstandings. Along the way the platonic threesome will have to deal with the raised eyebrows of their not-too-hip landlord, Mr. Furley (Don Knotts, Andy Griffith Show), and their swinging bachelor neighbor, Larry (Richard Kline, Inside Schwartz).

ThrThree's Company: Season 8 contains some of the late John Ritter's best work and a revealing featurette that pays tribute to his masterful performance skills with physical comedy and mellow-drama. This season contains the episode "Friends and Lovers" - the finale episode of the series! It remains one of the best remembered by fans, and the show that would introduce a spin-off staring Ritter.

DVD Features:

- Bloopers

- John Ritter: Working With A Master

- Usted Habla Three's Company?

- Best Of Jack, Janet, Terry, Larry, Furley

Technical Specs:

- No. of Discs: 4

- Run Time: 550

- Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0

- Aspect Ratio: Full Screen