The fanatical sequel to the widly popular Trekkies is coming to DVD on August 31st!

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In this sequel to Trekkies, the filmmakers visited Star Trek fans all over the world including the Spock of Germany, an Englishman who transformed his flat into a starship and listed it on the Internet for $2 million, and the first convention ever held in Serbia. The film also checks in on some of the original Trekkies profilees like wunderkind Gabriel Koerner and alternate Whitewater Juror Barbara Adams.

Special Features

Commentary with filmmakers Roger Nygard, Denise Crosby, Mike Leahy, composer J.J. Holiday and composer Billy Sullivan

Deleted Scenes:

Germany (5:01)

England (2:13)

Italy (1:12)

Baltimore (2:26)

Fandom Quantified (1:16)

Arkansas (3:05)

Brazil (4:42)

France (1:42)

Self Expression (2:23)

Minnesota (4:05)

Australia (1:52)

Los Angeles (5:00)

Fan Pon Farr (2:57)

New York (:54)

Serbia (2:17)

Sacramento (1:18)

Favorite Aliens (6:06)

Fan Films:

Brian Dellis’ “Final Frontier Revisted” (6:55) with optional commentary by Brian Dellis, Paul Rudeen and Ken Wieken

Gabriel Koerner’s “Really Bad Star Trek” Clip (7:45)

Roger Nygard’s Previous Works

“Six Days in Roswell” Trailer (1:32)

“Suckers” Clip (1:39)

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