Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil is currently available on VOD formats and will hit theaters nationwide on September 30. We have to celebrate this critically-acclaimed horror-comedy starring Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk, and we have an amazing new contest set up for our readers. We're giving away comic book posters, comic book t-shirts, hats, a severed arm beer coozie, and a number of Magnet DVD's and Blu-rays. These prizes will certainly go fast, so enter this giveaway today.

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil Giveaway

Winners Receive:

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  • Tony Moore signed comic poster
  • - Comic book t-shirt
  • - Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil tucker hats
  • - Severed arm beer coozie
  • - Magnet t-shirt
  • - Let the Right One In Blu-ray
  • - Monsters DVD
  • - Rec
  • - Pulse DVD
  • - The Signal Blu-ray
  • - The Host Blu-ray
  • - Shrooms DVD
  • - Severance DVD

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for your interest.

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil is a genre-bending indie horror comedy. Tyler Labine stars as Dale alongside Alan Tudyk as Tucker, two good-natured hillbillies mistakenly accused of being psycho killers by a group of college kids camping at the same lake where the hillbillies have just acquired a dilapidated cabin as their summer home.