Under the Same Moon is coming to DVD on June 17 and we feel like celebrating this independent release with another of our contests. We're giving away copies of this DVD to our readers. These discs will go fast, so be sure to enter this contest today.

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- Under the Same Moon DVD

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The debut feature from director Patricia Riggen, this drama centers on a young boy's journey across the U.S./Mexico border to be reunited with his mother. Adrian Alonso stars as Carlitos, a Mexican adolescent living with his grandmother while his mother works as a maid in the U.S., hoping someday to send for her child. But when the grandmother dies unexpectedly, Carlitos must sneak across the border and seek out his mother. Featuring a supporting performance by America Ferrera of ABC's Ugly Betty, Under the Same Moon premiered at the ~2007 Sundance Film Festival, where it received a standing ovation.