Way of War will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on February 10 and we just have to celebrate this new Cuba Gooding Jr. film's release. We have yet another contest lined up and we're giving away copies of this new DVD for our readers. These discs will surely go fast, so enter this new giveaway today.

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- Way of War DVD

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David Wolfe (Cuba Gooding Jr.), an experienced and loyal soldier, has been stationed in the Middle East with his friend and Sergeant Mitchell (JK Simmons), fighting the War on Terror. When key components of his directives begin to unravel, Wolfe finds himself uncovering a conspiracy endangering the lives of the American people. The disturbing truth shakes David to his core and makes him question his years of military service. When the government learns of David's discovery, his fiancé is brutally raped and murdered. Seeking vengeance and racing against time, Wolfe goes on a rampage trying to expose the government's dark secret and avenge his finance's death.