William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet will make its debut on the Blu-ray format on October 19 and you know we have to celebrate this classic movie from director Baz Luhrmann. We have a brand new contest running and we're giving away copies of these new BD discs to our readers. You know these discs will go fast, so be sure to enter this new contest today.

Romeo and Juliet Blu-ray cover art

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Inventive, unconventional, controversial, Baz Luhrmann's Oscar-nominated adaption of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet finds the star-crossed lovers in the modern world of Verona Beach where Romeo drives a car and Juliet packs a gun. Set to a thumping soundtrack, amidst the threat of gunfire through and the delicate embrace of forbidden love, the audience is invited to drink from an intoxicating cinematic cocktail that takes them on a ride from Romeo and Juliet's budding love, their first kiss, through to their separation and ultimate demise.

Special Features: