X-Men Origins: WolverineX-Men Origins: Wolverine will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on September 15 and you know we have to celebrate this new origin story release. We have a brand new contest running and we're giving away copies of this new DVD for our readers. You know these discs will fly out of here fast, so sharpen up your claws and enter this contest today.

Winners Receive:

  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine DVD

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Leading up to the events of X-Men, X-Men Origins: Wolverine tells the story of Wolverine's epically violent and romantic past, his complex relationship with Victor Creed and the ominous Weapon X program. Along the way, Wolverine encounters many mutants, both familiar and new, including surprise appearances by several legends of the X-Men universe whose appearances in the film have long been anticipated.

Special Features:

  • "Wolverine Unleashed: The Complete Origins" featurette
  • - Anti-Smoking PSA: Bubbles
  • - Commentary by Director Gavin Hood (Two-disc and Blu-ray only)
  • - Commentary by Producers Lauren Shuler Donner and Ralph Winter
  • - The Roots of Wolverine: A Conversation with X-Men creators Stan Lee and Len Wein (Two-disc and Blu-ray only)
  • - "Wolverine Unleashed: The Complete Origins" featurette (Two-disc and Blu-ray only)
  • - Deleted and Alternate Scenes (Two-disc and Blu-ray only)
  • - Alternate Tag Scene: Japan (Two-disc and Blu-ray only)
  • - Anti-Smoking PSA: Bubbles (Two-disc and Blu-ray only)
  • - Digital Copy (Two-disc and Blu-ray only)
  • - Wolverine Weapon X Mutant Files Featurette: 10 Character Chronicles (Blu-ray only)
  • - "The Thrill of the Chase: The Helicopter Chase Sequence" featurette (Blu-ray only)
  • - "X Connect and On Set With Gavin Hood" featurette (Blu-ray only)
  • - X-Facts: Trivia Track (Blu-ray only)
  • - Alternate Memory Erase Sequence (Blu-ray only)
  • - Fox Movie Channel Presents: World Premiere (Blu-ray only)
  • - IMDB BD-Live technology (Blu-ray only)