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The YoungHeart Chorus is a vocal group from Northampton, MA, who have earned an international reputation for their unique interpretations of songs by Sonic Youth, the Ramones, and the Clash. However, this isn't a teenage garage band attacking the classic punk rock songbook -- the YoungHeart Chorus is comprised of 22 senior citizens whose average age is 80, and under director Bob Cilman they've gained a degree of fame for their enthusiastic a cappella renditions of well-known rock & roll tunes. Filmmaker Stephen Walker spent several weeks with the members of the YoungHeart Chorus as they rehearsed for their annual concert in Northampton, and YoungHeart is a documentary which offers a look at their rigorous rehearsal process, the background of several members, and their efforts to stay active and think positive, even as their friends succumb to old age. Produced for British television, YoungHeart was screened in competition at the ~2007 Los Angeles Film Festival.

Special Features

- 10 deleted scenes

- Young @ Heart Goes to Hollywood