Simple Life 5: Simple Life Goes to Camp is coming to DVD on January 22, and we're giving copies of this new DVD away to our readers. Click below to take home this fifth season of the reality TV hit today.

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- Simple Life 5: Simple Life Goes to Camp DVD

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The wildlife at Camp Shawnee just got a whole lot wilder, because the new counselors are America's hottest celebutantes, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie! With their notorious feud officially behind them, the torrid twosome is back together and life in the great outdoors will never be the same. Join these babes in the woods as they put their own unique spin on health and fitness at a wellness camp, spice things up at a couple's therapy session and orchestrate the eagerly awaited world premiere of Paris and Nicole: the Musical! Need we say more? "Roughing it" has never been so glamorous!