B. Alan Orange

THE DAILY SPIN: Songs & Myths

Today's DVD announcements include racially degrading animals, an angry Sasquatch, two time travelers, a fat girl, a hot air balloon, and William H. Macy.

THE DAILY SPIN: Sasquatch Watch '05

Today's DVD announcements include a mythical creature, a plethora of hillbillys, some super friends, some skaters, Ethan Hawke, and Travis Bickle.

THE DAILY SPIN: License Granted!

Today's DVD announcements include a batch of awesome Anchor Bay releases, the two Coreys, a couple of grease monkeys, some hyper-intellectual teenagers, a painted bus, and a real Focker.


Today’s DVD announcements include a mad housewife, a jaguar shark, an angry ghost, and a couple of killer dolls.


Movieweb Exclusive: B. Alan Orange, Mantooth, and the Soju Army provide running, scene-specific audio commentary for the SAW DVD. Grab you discs and Listen Now!

THE DAILY SPIN: Jacks or Better

Today's DVD announcements include a bunch of straight-to-DVD losers, some NFL Champions, 2 wildboyz, a haunted house, a kick-ass samurai, and Bam!

THE DAILY SPIN: The Golden Rule

Today's DVD announcements include a barkeep, a couple of stiffs, a doctor, a secret agent, a girl that likes to dance with snakes, and a bunch of old bags.

THE DAILY SPIN: Ocean's 5000

Today’s DVD announcements include a hot girl in spandex, a couple of dirty puppets, a bunch of thieves, a vampire hunter, a hotel manager, a Phantom, Burt, and the Cos!


Today’s DVD announcements include a sexy Native American girl, a couple of con men, a hotel receptionist, a pedophile, some dude obsessed with killing President Nixon, and the world’s most famous Rebel.

THE DAILY SPIN: DVD Tuesday 2/8/05

Today's releases plus Suspect Zero, Bobby Long, Flying Daggers, XxX, Mo'Nique, Scrubs, General Patton, and some action figures!

Soju After Movie 2: K-Town Hoodrats

Episode 2 finds Orange & Mantooth back at Seo Rae Gwan to interview director Edgar Arellano about his new film Hoodrats and actor Mario Larraza about his upcoming role in Herbie: Fully Loaded