Blake Snyder

Before Sunset Review

Before Sunset stands alone as a wonderful modern love story and as a sequel, we can only hope for more episodes to come. The filmmakers have created something truly lovely, not only as a post-script, but in and of itself.

Spider-Man 2 Review #3

Honor, duty and service to others are concepts that never get addressed at the movies, much less anywhere else. And so it is surprising to see a tug of war about these ideals contested on 4,000 screens.

Garfield: The Movie Review

What the filmmakers ask us to root for here is a hero that is self-centered, lazy and boring. And with that as the lead, the movie lays there like an icky CGI furball.

Soul Plane Review

MGM should be ashamed. This is some of the ugliest stuff I've seen produced by a major studio. We're better than this.

The Day After Tomorrow Review #2

Never in the history of the movies has "blowing it up good" been a more fun or satisfying ride. Nothing says snuggle in your seat and enjoy your popcorn like a good disaster movie.

Troy Review #2

For the most part this is a war story and one that remains as relevant as ever. Mostly it is a story about character and the perils of greed, vanity, arrogance and bloodlust. You remember character? Well, if all you see are movies -- maybe not.