Christopher Monfette

Fahrenheit 9/11 Review

As a documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11 is a meandering, unfocused and largely unbalanced piece of non-fiction filmmaking. However, as one patriot’s passionate, wide-ranging soliloquy to America, the film is a brutally effective prayer for uncensored truth and

Spider-Man 2 Review

The film is larger in every way than its already sizeable predecessor, yet succeeds at being widely more intimate. Finely scripted and superbly performed, the film never fails to include true moments of character between its lavishly filmed action sequen

Big Fish Review

It is rare to find a film that not only improves upon the book of its origin, but somehow seems to complete it, as if the short novella by Daniel Wallace which first began Big Fish was only the smallest part of its intention.

The Singing Detective Review

Despite several excellent performances and a script brimming with sharp, double-edged dialogue, this stylistic delusion of a film ultimately generates about as much noise as a feather falling on sand.

Kill Bill Vol. 1 Review #2

This careful balance between subtle character work, graceful choreography, brutal confrontation and highly-caricatured violence is what makes Kill Bill so enjoyable to both hardcore fanatics and passive viewers alike.

Alien Review

This newest release of this classic film is every bit an improvement upon a thriller that's already difficult to improve upon...

Underworld Review #2

This isn't so much a review as a precaution, as there is a lot to enjoy about Underworld if your expectations aren't aimed too highly, or geared toward anything new.

Cabin Fever Review #2

Cabin Fever is most effective when attending to its inevitable victims, and its misguided effort to break away from the isolation of the cabin results in the unfortunate loss of a palpable claustrophobia.

Matchstick Men Review

One-half indie, one-half Hollywood, Matchstick Men is as good a distraction as one might hope to get, if one doesn't mind being distracted from the obvious.

Freddy vs. Jason Review

While the usual suspects assemble to await their deaths, we're left waiting for more of what we came for in the first place: Freddy, Jason and some supernatural ass-kicking.

Bad Boys II Review #2

Bad Boys II reignites the flame of perfectly balanced style, pushing the Hard-R rating to its glorious limits, while building beat upon beat of hyper-intensive action.