J.P. Mangalindan

Tristan & Isolde Review

When the film reaches its tragic conclusion, you’re not necessarily disappointed, but left with the reaffirmed feeling that love is never simple, nor is it always kind. Nor, as in the case of Tristan and Isolde, is it meant to be.

War of the Worlds Review

Just take War of the Worlds for what it is: a film as entertaining and supericial as cotton candy, a textbook case in how a summer popcorn flick ought to be done.

Alien Vs. Predator Review

There are some genuinely thrilling fights in Alien vs. Predator, some decent CGI sparks flying around, but in the end, what audiences are left with – once the smoke and extraterrestrial gunk clears – is a movie which occasionally enthralls, frequently sta

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle Review

Harold & Kumar is hardly thought-provoking – let’s not confuse this cinematic overture with a breezy read through Pride and Prejudice – but Leiner’s road trip through the Garden State is a wild jaunt, a toilet-humor comedy filled with surprising twists an

Metallica: Some Kind of Monster Review

This 139 minute-long flick is as bloated as it is revealing. I’m not sure when it was exactly – maybe halfway through watching former lead guitarist David Mustaine tearfully confess to Ulrich about his troubled life post-Metallica – did I feel the need to

Spider-Man 2 Review #2

The action is a visual opera: Spider-Man 2’s opulence is apparent, from the pendulum poetry of Spider-Man swinging through the city to the breathtaking fights with Doc Ock. Such scenes blow away those from the first flick – or any other recent comic book

The Terminal Review #2

The Terminal perpetuates Spielberg’s Life is Beautiful mantra, persisting on imparting to audiences an old adage: without darkness, there’s no light. In the most dire of circumstances (and airport terminals), there’s hope, if not stolen moments of comedy