Steven Chupnick

Zodiac Review

Long, boring, and definitely not one of David Fincher's best work. Two hours and forty-seven minutes of boredom.

Hannibal Rising Review

Bone chilling, thrilling! Gaspard Ulliel is the perfect young Hannibal! An edge of your seat thriller that will scare you out of your mind!

Babel Review

A disappointment for two performances that should have stood out. Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett stand out, but only too briefly. Four storylines that interlink only slightly, with one not needed at all.

16 Blocks Review

Mos Def will become a breakout star! A gritty, dirty cop drama that actually has a good story! And Bruce Willis finally acts his age.

Waiting Review

Raunchy! Raunchy! Raunchy! You'll never want to eat at a chain restaurant again, but you will laugh your a$$ off in the theater! And Anna Farris is so dirty, dirty, sexy!!!