Score one for the DVD manufacturers.

In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, it seems "the U.S. Copyright Office has rejected an exemption that would have allowed owners of DVDs to legally copy movies for use on Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod and other music players."

However, film professors can "copy snippets from DVDs for educational compilations, the Copyright Office said Wednesday."

With this allowed, film professors can break "the CSS copy-protection technology found in most DVDs." This will allow them "to create compilations of DVD snippets to teach their classes -- for example, taking portions of old and new cartoons to study how animation has evolved." Up until now, "breaking the locks to make the compilations has been illegal."

Studios had wanted professors to use VHS tapes to make the compilations, "but the professors argued that DVDs are of higher quality and may preserve the original colors or dimensions that videotapes lack."

These rules will go into effect Monday, November 27 and last for 3 years.