Public Media Works, Inc. announced that the Company will begin preproduction on The Clown, a concept originally conceived as a vehicle for Company CEO Corbin Bernsen to star in following his success in the Dentist horror film franchise.

"The Clown is the tragic and frightening tale of a circus clown who is jilted by a female trapeze artist also with the circus," stated Corbin Bernsen, Chief Executive Officer of Public Media Works, "It is a gripping story which ends with a shocking ironic twist." The company has hired Ken Yakkel, the writer of Dead Air, to create the screenplay which should be completed by mid June. Film production is expected to begin by late fall.

The story of The Clown begins as the circus pulls into a small, ultra conservative town, and a series of grizzly murders begin to take place. The clown, whose greasepaint is often found at the scene of each crime, becomes the immediate suspect. Several "folks" have also spotted a "brightly dressed person" near or around each crime location. The motive seems clear, a "jilted lover." But when all hell breaks loose on the circus' final night, and the town literally goes up in flames, the clown is right where he's supposed to be, center ring, making people laugh. It's only later that we discover the ironic twist, the killer is really one of the town's people who as a little boy was traumatized by the very same clown and is now doing evil's bidding.