It's been a long time since Corey Feldman has graced the big screen, as he focuses on his musical career and role as a parent. Selective about the roles he plays nowadays, he was immediately attracted to the character of Queeny in Corbin Nash, a cross-dressing vampire out for blood. ET Canada recently caught up with the former teen idol turned Hollywood icon to chat about the movie. You can see Corey as Queeny for the first time in the video below. He had this to say about taking on the strange, scary new job.

"This is totally outside of the box. It takes all of the other stuff and goes, 'That's comic book, that's fairy tale!' What if vampires were really real? And that's what I think this is. It's a reality version of what vampires would be in today's society."
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Feldman doesn't start talking about his time on set in Corbin Nash until the 1:45 mark in the video. The actor has recently opened up more about his sexual abuse as a child, and the first half of this preview actually has the actor talking about his young son and how he handles the pressures of being a Hollywood dad. Later on in the video we actually get to see Corey on set, where the crew is not allowed to call him by his first name. He explains.

"I said, look, make sure that the crew knows that once I come out as Queeny, I'm Queeny. And not to talk to me as Corey, because Corey won't answer."

Ben Jagger is directing Corbin Nash, which also stars cult icon and genre vet Malcolm McDowell. The movie is described as a vampire noir. It follows a New York City cop who's trying to hunt down his parents' killers. The search leads him to Los Angeles, where he meets his untimely demise. He is brought back to life and goes on a revenge mission. Malcolm McDowell is set to play a character named The Blind Prophet, though no further details have been released. Also joining this epic cult movie is genre favorite Rutger Hauer, playing a character who is only described as 'a mysterious stranger'. Bruce Davison will play Corbin Nash's stepfather. Richard Wagner will play Corey Feldman's lover. Dean S. Jagger headlines the horror thriller, taking on the title role of Corbin Nash.

Corey Feldman will next be seen in the indie drama JOB's Daughter, which follows a teen who goes on a killing spree in a small town. And then he stars in the horror thriller Intrusion: Disconnected. The actor is also an accomplished musician. On Wednesday, June 22,  Feldman will release his album Angelic 2 The Core, which has been a decade in the making. The double album contains a total of 22 songs featuring collaborations with five generations of Hip Hop artists such as Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit), Snoop Dogg, Doc Ice, Kurupt. Kaya Jones (Pussycat Dolls), R1ckone (Black Eyed Peas), Scott Page (Pink Floyd), B.Howard, POET (Black Eyed Peas) and many more. You can get your first look at the Felddog as Queeny in this video courtesy of Youtube, which serves as a callback to his role as Edgar Frog in the 1987 vampire classic The Lost Boys.