Corey Feldman has been teasing a return to the big screen for the last several days and today he confirmed that the vampire noir thriller, Corbin Nash, will be his first movie in over a decade to debut in theaters. Feldman also shared a trailer for the movie, which arrives April 20th, 2018. In addition to the trailer, Corey Feldman also showed off a new poster, which has him on it, but you'd never guess it was him if you hadn't been warned.

Corbin Nash features Corey Feldman as Queeny, the crossdressing vampire. Feldman has traded sides and left Edgar Frog in the dust to play the vampire character and he's clearly excited about the role that could easily spark a big screen comeback for the actor who has been mainly dealing with social issues and music for the last handful of years. In the nearly 2-minute trailer, Feldman's Queeny is featured quite a bit and his performance looks intense and pretty damn creepy.

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In addition to Corey Feldman, Corbin Nash features an all-star cast. Malcolm McDowell, Rutger Hauer, and Bruce Davison are in the movie along with Dean Jagger. The movie sees Jagger, who some may remember from Game of Thrones Season 6, as the title character. Corbin Nash is a New York City cop who transfers to Los Angeles to hunt for the person or thing responsible for the murders of his parents. Once there, he's brutally murdered and returns to life as the ultimate killer. As the trailer shows off, there's a lot of blood and violence and a baseball bat fashioned into a wooden stake.

Corey Feldman spent most of last year promoting his Truth Campaign, where he tried to shed light on an underground Hollywood pedophile ring in the shadows of the #MeToo and Time's Up movements. Feldman caused a big stir while trying to advocate for the rights of child actors but was largely ignored by the mainstream media who chose to focus on the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the wreckage that followed. Feldman has not given up on the Truth Campaign and still plans to release a movie about his life story, growing up as a child actor and detailing the sexual abuse that he and other child actors endured.

Corbin Nash is directed by Ben Jagger and as previously noted, it comes out on April 20th. Additionally, the movie is up for presale on iTunes and will also be able On Demand on April 20th as well. Corbin Nash is sure to be a cult favorite when its released later next month. For now, you can check out the trailer for what looks like Corey Feldman's best role in over a decade and then spot him on the poster. You can check out the blood soaked violent trailer for Corbin Nash below, courtesy of the Gravitas Ventures YouTube channel.