Last night's Celebrity Wife Swap was one of the weirder ones yet, and it has many people asking this morning, "Is Corey Feldman running an all-girl sex cult?" It certainly appears so, though it's not clear if this is all an act, if he is in on the joke, or if he has truly gone batshit crazy. His behavior on the episode, which saw the former Lost Boys and Goonies star swapping girlfriends/fiancés with comedian Tommy Davidson, certainly indicates that he has lost touch with all reality, as the former teen heartthrob presented himself as a cross between Charles Manson, Hugh M. Hefner and Michael Jackson.

Corey Feldman introduces his girls, known as Corey's Angels, on the show. And this is a very real thing that he does. He tours around the country performing with these woman, three of whom live with him in his Feldmansion. This Celebrity Wife Swap episode was difficult to watch, and can only be described as cringe worthy. Corey's Angels is described as a 'business', but the more the former teen actor talked to the audience about it, it started to sound like a straight up cult. And at the end of the episode, Corey Feldman tries to make a case for why Corey's Angels is important to humanity, claiming that he is saving women from broken homes. He says this as though he has just rescued a puppy off the street.

Corey's Angels is said to be a business that helps young women break into the entertainment industry. But throughout the hour-long episode, the three main Angels are presented as slaves who are at Corey Feldman's beck and call. They all live with him, though it is never made clear how far their personal relationships go. It is hinted that they are here to fulfill all of Corey's wants and pleasures, and in exchange, he will give them exposure on a show like Celebrity Wife Swap. All of the girls are seen strutting around the Feldmansion, which isn't all that impressive, in their white robes, g-strings and bras while wearing halos and wings. If nothing else, it was creepy and weird.

Courtney-Anne, who is deemed Corey Feldman's 'Maingel', was the one sent to live with Tommy Davidson. Though, she wasn't allowed to write her guide book for the show, which is given to the incoming wife. Instead, Corey Feldman penned this diatribe, which he dubbed the 'Feldmanual'. He appears as a controlling, manipulative force, though he presents himself as doing someone noble for society. And he even talks about himself as though he were the second coming of Michael Jackson. His presence as a cult leader seems lost on him, but then again, maybe it doesn't.

All of Corey's Angels must sign a legally binding contract that implements strict rules on how Corey Feldman believes these girls should live their lives. The first rule is called 'The Angel' diet. There is absolutely no meat allowed. The Second rule is constant exercise. In one particularly creepy moment from the Celebrity Wife Swap episode, Feldman relaxes by the pool, watching his girls do their daily routine. Sounding a lot like his Goonies character Mouth, he delivers this cringe-worthy line, "Haha, I like watching you guys hop."

It isn't until Tommy Davidson's then-fiancee (they are now married) Amanda is asked to participate in an Angels photo shoot that things get truly disturbing. And we see just how Corey Feldman actually thinks of women, which is bordering on barbaric. The musician and sometimes actor demands that Amanda wear her Angel's issued g-string. He shouts his demands wrapped in a black hood that makes him look like Mel Brook's Yoda-inspired Yogurt from Spaceballs. He tells the otherwise gorgeous woman, who has a beautiful body, the following.

"I would like to see Amanda's physique without the cover up. If we could just get her on our workout program, she would feel secure enough to walk out there in an Angel outfit any day of the week."

The whole scene can only be described as sleazy. Halfway through the show, Celebrity Wife Swap allows the wife to turn the tables and impose her own rules. This, of course, does not sit well with the little dictator, who is on the verge of tears at one point. Amanda attempts to set the Angels free from their Corey-dominated world, but it only backfires. During Corey Feldman's heated debate with Tommy Davidson's future wife, he states something rather telling.

"Nobody's going to come in to try and reprogram them."

There is more than enough evidence in the episode that Corey Feldman is brainwashing these girls, just like any cult leader is known to do. He appears to know exactly what he is doing to these young women, and even controls their answers when they are given a 'career test' by Amanda, to see if they are capable of doing anything else with their lives aside from serving master Feldman. We never learn what their own, personal answers to the questions would be.

By the end of the episode, Corey Feldman seems oblivious to anyone else's opinion aside from his own. Looking at the episode as reality, it is quite clear that the celebrity is running an all-woman sex cult. At one point he makes it very clear that men aren't allowed. Unless they bring more woman for Feldman to brainwash and control. The important thing to remember about this Celebrity Wife Swap episode is that it is meant as entertainment. And the things we see Corey Feldman do on screen contradict huge portions of his well-received memoir Coreyography. Throughout the episode, he appears to be putting on a show. He has been performing since he was very young. He even admits that his first memory is of being on the set of a McDonalds commercial. The most telling moment is when he comes face to face with Tommy Davidson. His accent changes, his demeanor changes, he becomes a different person from what we've been seeing. But he doesn't shy away from or change any of his ideas.

So how much truth is in what we see on screen? Has Corey Feldman gone from teen star to cult leader? Or does he just not know how to handle himself on a reality show? He came under heavy fire the last time he appeared on one, serving as a main cast member on 2003's The Surreal Life. After that experience, where he was painted as a very horrible and hard to deal with person, he claimed he'd never do another reality show. But here he is, more than ten years later, looking all the worse for mental wear. The fact that he takes the Angels out on the road for tours, he just did a stint at Bonnaroo, indicates that there is some truth to what is being sold here. But how deep does it go? Did his divorce and the back-to-back deaths of Corey Haim and Michael Jackson send him all the way over the edge? Or is this one big audition to show Warner Bros. he's still got what it takes to play Mouth in The Goonies 2? It's not hard to imagine that this is what happened to that character. However you want to cut it, it's down right bizarre. You can watch an embed of the full Celebrity Wife Swap episode here. Trust us, it's way worse than we made it sound. Words do not do some of these images justice.