Corey Feldman has broken his silence about the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department announcing they have found an audio copy of his 1993 testimony where he named his abusers, claiming he too has a copy. The Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department sent the tape along with other evidence to the LAPD, but apparently, they won't be releasing the tape, so Feldman has threatened to take matters into his own hands and release the tape that he has in his possession since the police are not willing to release the audio to the public.

Corey Feldman has been slowly stepping back into the world of social media after a brief break and now he's dropped a bombshell. He claims to have found a copy of the audio interview that he had with the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department back in 1993 when Michael Jackson was being charged with child molestation. Feldman took to Twitter and had this to say.

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"So now the police R saying that they have a copy of my 93 interview, but they can't release it! Well guess what... so do I! I was rummaging through my garage and came upon the old cassette copy the SBPD made 4 me! I had never released it, but now I will! Maybe there's still hope..."

The tape in question has been spoken about many times after Corey Feldman's interviews on the Doctor Oz show and the Today Show, but the Santa Barbara police department denied its existence. However, earlier this week, they miraculously found the 1993 tape and have reportedly sent it to the LAPD.

In October, Corey Feldman claimed that he once told the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office about all of the alleged sexual predators in a Hollywood pedophile ring during an interview related to the investigation of molestation accusations against Michael Jackson. The sheriff's office previously said it didn't have the records Feldman had referred to, but after Feldman publicly claimed that he went to the police department to share his story, they have now found the aforementioned tapes, but will not release them because the case is "exempt from release."

According to Corey Feldman, all that the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department cared about was getting dirt on his old friend Michael Jackson. Jackson was in the middle of court battles that alleged that he had molested young boys and Feldman spoke to the police department at his defense. Feldman explains.

"I've told the police ... They're on record. They have all of this information. But they were scanning Michael Jackson. All they cared about was trying to find something on Michael Jackson. Michael was innocent ... I told them, 'He was not that guy.'"

Feldman has had a rough time getting his Truth Campaign off of the ground, but he has remained to be persistent, despite some backlash. Feldman claims to have taken a break from social media due to the "hate and lies" that were being spread about him and his motives.

Corey Feldman's Truth Campaign is still going on with about two weeks left to donate, so head over to the Indiegogo site to donate if you can, helping Corey Feldman's Truth Movie get made. Feldman continues to put his neck on the line for no personal gain at all and is just trying to get his voice heard amongst the many voices out there to raise awareness to some more ugliness from the underbelly of the entertainment industry. You can read more about the existence of more audio tapes from 1993 courtesy of Corey Feldman's Twitter account below.