Corey Feldman has spent the last half of 2017 crusading against a ring of Hollywood pedophiles that he has tried to bring down for more than twenty years. He got serious about exposing his abusers as the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, and launched a campaign for Truth, promising to name his alleged attackers in a movie about his life. That campaign comes to a close on December 22, and in a last ditch effort to get help, Feldman has released another video profiling his cause. This time, he calls out the haters who have accused him of lying about his situation, claiming the actor and musician only wants money and noting else. His biggest detractor is that of Judy Haim, mother of Corey Haim. She has vehemently declared Corey Feldman a liar, saying that his claims about child sexual abuse in Hollywood is fake news. And she has continued to slander Feldman in the press. Now, Feldman wants to end this feud once and for all. In his video, he throws down the ultimate challenge.

Corey Feldman promises his followers, friends, family and any one else who is willing to listen that he has only ever told the Truth. And now, he wants to prove that, and shut down Judy Haim and her messages of hate aimed against him once and for all. He has challenged the mother of his deceased best friend to a lie detector test. In the below video he goes onto say this.

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"As far as the haters go? Nothing is going to stop it. They are going to keep hating, they are going to keep making up lies no matter what. It's okay. Let them. I want to say one thing. I'm always here to tell you the truth. And for anyone that wants to question me, and I am speaking specifically to one person who's leading the charge against me. That person is a woman named Judy. That's all I'm going to say. But Judy you know that you're lying. And if you don't know you're lying then you are in the deepest form of denial I've ever seen. But something is not right about it. I don't know what is driving you to do this. I have empathy for the fact that you have suffered great pain, as I have. But to turn around and try and discredit me and say that I am doing his for the wrong reasons is disgusting. I will say, and I am throwing this out there one time, I am willing at any time, at any point, to do matching lie detector tests with you. I'm willing to go toe to toe and break down any point of this story, anything that I have said in my book, anything that I've said during this campaign. Anything I've said to the police. Let's go! Two lie detector tests face to face, I'll do it any time. I've got nothing to hide."

Corey's video is marked as the final plea to his fans for help in making his Truth movie a reality. He wishes everyone a happy holidays and thanks everyone for their tireless work these past few months. The campaign ends this Sunday, on Christmas Eve. There is still time to help Corey and his wife Courtney in their quest to preserve the innocent at IndieGoGo. They have so far only raised 27% of their $1M goal with $270,686. But they're trying to make it happen and are hoping for a Christmas miracle.

In the latest video, Corey Feldman also goes onto address a former child star who introduced Feldman to his 20-year-old porn star girlfriend when he was just 15. This unnamed former associate has been on a campaign to spread false lies about Feldman, blaming the actor for all of his best friend's misfortunes in life. Corey Feldman doesn't name the actor, but it doesn't take 1+1 or much effort to deduce that he is talking about A Christmas Story kid actor turned porno star Scott Schwartz who played Flick in that movie. Feldman clears up some of the false rumors Schwartz has been spreading in the past few months, and gives a better view of what was going on at the time of their friendship in Hollywood, and how Schwartz tried to lure Feldman into the porn lifestyle, which Feldman rejected.

"Every since I told you no, you have lied, you've cheated, and you've stolen from me. I have plenty of witnesses to all of this. So, I'm not going to mention your name, but anyone that has been following this knows. This kid who has been in a couple of movies, he is no longer a kid, he is a grown man, small man, short man, but he is a man that brewed with jealousy. And that's all I have to say about that."

Corey ends his latest video on a positive note, stating how tremendously grateful he is for everything. He realizes his Truth campaign is a long way away from its goal. But he will be praying for a Christmas miracle. Feldman goes onto say that he has been let down by the people in his own industry, as Hollywood has turned a deaf ear on his campaign, despite new evidence surfacing everyday. You can click on the video below if you are interested in learning more about how you can help Corey Feldman. We're sure we'll see Feldman hooked to a lie detector on Dr. Oz soon enough. But will Judy Haim have the conviction and guts to join him? That's the lingering question.