It's been a busy few weeks for Corey Feldman and it looks as if he's about to rapidly have a lot more thrown on his plate. The Truth Campaign continues to gain momentum and Feldman has estimated that he has received over 75,000 new Twitter followers ever since the Harvey Weinstein allegations came to light. That being said, a huge bombshell was dropped today about Charlie Sheen sexually assaulting then 13-year old Corey Haim on the set of Lucas. Feldman has never come out and publicly named Sheen, but he did detail a story about Haim having sex with an unnamed individual on the set of Lucas in his 2013 memoir Coreyography. He has also expressed disdain for the Wall Street star over the years. Why Corey Feldman never spoke up about Charlie Sheen, if these allegations are true, has been a mystery until now. But a new open letter Corey sent out today strongly hints that Charlie Sheen has made death threats against him, though Feldman never directly names the actor.

Corey Feldman took to Twitter to release a lengthy update about the status of the Truth movie, which will expose a Hollywood Pedophile Ring, as well as details on why he needs the $10 million dollars that he is asking for. It's not only for the movie that he plans to make, but for his safety. With big names being revealed, Feldman needs to protect himself legally with lawyers and physically with security guards. While detailing where the funds are going, Corey Feldman once again refers to an A list actor, who is said to have ties to a major studio. He claims this actor has issued death threats, and many have put two and two together, in light of these new allegations that Sheen raped Corey Haim.

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"Well let me be very clear. The man at the end of this bread crumb trail, the coveted name A lister everybody wants to know about has, & does continue to threaten his victims with death. It's actually his go to statement. Anyone that knows who I am talking about can find multiple court records in which defendants have claimed that they feared for their safety after confronting him. Point blank, he threatens people's lives and has a history of violent behavior."

While Corey Feldman does not mention the "A-lister" by name, it's not hard to deduce that he could be talking directly about Charlie Sheen, and it's probably no coincidence that these stories are breaking at the same time. A cursory Google search of Charlie Sheen and death threats comes up with over 326,000 results in under a minute. There are stories of death threats as recently as last year, after alleged audio surfaced of Sheen offering someone $20,000 dollars to kill his ex-fiancee. Further down the rabbit hole and you'll see that Sheen threatened to kill an ex-associate with an automatic shotgun and even threatening to cut Denise Richards' head off. These are threats that anybody can see with a quick search and it's no wonder why Corey Feldman is choosing his words carefully. It's also no wonder why everyone is going directly to Charlie Sheen as the person Feldman is referring to in his open letter.

Elsewhere in the lengthy update, Corey Feldman goes out of his way to thank Alyssa Milano, who has come under fire recently for not offering any names. Milano and Feldman used to hang out together in the Soda Pop clubs with Corey Haim, which Feldman mentioned in his Today show interview. She has shown support for Feldman on Twitter. Feldman thanked Milano and others for standing up with the #MeToo campaign, which has brought more attention to his Truth Campaign.

"I'm also forever grateful to the likes of Ashley Judd, Alyssa Milano, and the countless other women who came forward not just with stories about Weinstein, but to all of the strong women who came forward around the globe inspired by the #MeToo movement. It is because of your courage, my story has found new hope. This is a courage I pray will spread to the countless adults who were abused as children, and to the children who may have just recently suffered an abuse."

This seems like just the beginning of a turbulent ride for Corey Feldman and lawsuits are sure to come his way, especially from Charlie Sheen in regards to what really went down on the set of Lucas, which is all hearsay at this point. Sheen has since made a public comment denying the allegations, but the Truth Campaign soldiers on. You can read Corey Feldman's lengthy statement below, courtesy of Corey Feldman's Twitter account.