Corey Feldman has declared that he will not "stay locked inside withering away," after his recent stabbing attack that may have left him poisoned. The actor took to social media to announce that he will be putting the attack behind him for now, to live his life the way that he wants to. Feldman will be out this weekend promoting his return to the big screen in Corbin Nash, which hits theaters next Friday, the 20th of April. Corey Feldman has been through a lot over the last several months, so it's good to see that he isn't going to let others dictate how he lives his life.

After Corey Feldman released his upcoming appearance schedule online, several fans thought that it was odd, especially since he released a now-deleted video last week that spoke about his fear of his life as well as the members of his family. He was promoting his Truth Campaign to raise money for 24/7 security after the stabbing from the week before. However, Feldman fired back, and gave the reasoning behind his recent decision. He had this to say.

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"Should I stay locked inside withering away, in fear that the 10% chance I was poisoned comes true? That sounds like they won. I would never go down like that! I'll keep standing tall, & keep on fighting the good fight, until the bitter end, which hopefully will be decades away!"

Corey Feldman is going back to his Frog Brothers' Philosophy and will not let fear dictate how he lives the rest of his life. The actor was stabbed, or punctured, by a sharp object (much like the Frog Brothers stabbed Marko in The Lost Boys) at the end of March by the Hollywood "Wolf Pack," who is trying to silence Feldman from speaking any further about the underground pedophile ring in Hollywood. While some disputed that he was actually stabbed, the actor provided proof that he had been punctured with a sharp object.

Now that news has spread that he was stabbed with something small, several people believe that Corey Feldman could have been poisoned with a slow acting toxin, one that could take months to slowly kill him. Dimethyl mercury as well as Polonium could have been used in the alleged attack, which are both slow acting toxins that can kill over time and are untraceable until it's too late. There's also the belief that he could have been infected with the AIDS virus through the attack, but that also won't register immediately. Regardless, Feldman is going to continue to go out and promote Corbin Nash and some of his other upcoming projects, while he puts his campaign to expose Hollywood's sexual predator and pedophile problem on hold just for a few short moments.

For those who would like to see Corey Feldman in the flesh along with his beefed-up security team who will be ready and waiting to take down any attackers, he'll be signing autographs at the Monsterpalooza Convention this coming Friday the 13th. In addition, the actor will also be talking about Corbin Nash, which hits theaters next month. You are all asked to leave your stakes at home. As of this writing, tickets are still on sale for the convention, so hurry if you'd like to go. You can read the declaration to live life and stand tall below, thanks to Corey Feldman's Twitter account.