Actor Corey Feldman is heading back to the Doctor Oz show to share his 1993 audio testimony that he gave to the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department. When Feldman was first on the show to discuss his Truth Campaign, Doctor Oz asked about the tapes and they contacted the Santa Barbara Police Department to ask about the whereabouts of said tapes. At the time, the police department claimed that the tapes did not exist, therefore making Feldman out to be a liar and ruining the reputation of his Truth Campaign. However, earlier last week, the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department found the audio testimony and had it sent down to the Los Angeles police department.

The LAPD and SBPD have both said that they cannot discuss what is on the tapes because of the nature of the case. When both police departments said that they couldn't do anything with the tapes, Corey Feldman announced via Twitter that he has copies of the tapes and that he will release them on his own. Now, the Doctor Oz show has announced that Feldman will be back on the show on Monday, December 11th with the tapes calling out the names of alleged Hollywood pedophiles.

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This has been a very public rollercoaster for Corey Feldman since he came forward with his Truth Campaign. Though the actor has many supporters, he also seems to have just as many detractors claiming that he's using child abuse as a way to get attention and make some cash. But Feldman has been talking about his experiences and the experiences of others for decades now and has not gotten any of the recognition that he deserves for bringing publicity to a topic that makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

Earlier this week, Time Magazine released its Person of the Year issue with the women of the Me Too movement on the cover as well as additional men and women interviewed within the magazine as the Silence Breakers. Many followers of Corey Feldman were shocked not see his name mentioned at all in the cover story. The Me Too movement gained momentum at the beginning of October when the Harvey Weinstein scandal rocked the entertainment industry. Since then, many women and men have come forward to stand together and call out their abusers, but many feel that Corey Feldman has been doing this for decades and not getting any of the credit that he deserves.

Hopefully, the release of the 1993 audio testimony will help bring light to the child abuse running rampant in Hollywood and help to put a stop to all of it. Corey Feldman will be on Doctor Oz again, Monday, December 11th along with his tapes and his version of the story. This sounds like an episode that will definitely be making some headlines after it airs. In the meantime, you can check out a clip of the show below, courtesy of the Doctor Oz Twitter account.