Corey Feldman was charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession in Louisiana over the weekend. It's hard to believe that it's 2017 and people are still arrested for possession of small amounts of marijuana, but that's exactly what happened to the 80s icon and muscian on Saturday. The actor is currently on tour to support his recently released album, Angelic to the Core, and was on his way to Houston to play a Hurricane benefit show when he was pulled over for speeding in his touring recreational vehicle.

When pulled over, police discovered that 46-year old Corey Feldman was driving on a suspended license, which led to Feldman having to go to the station. After taking Feldman and four of his crew to the police station, an officer smelled marijuana and searched Feldman. Five other people in the crew were charged with separate offences. Feldman also claims that the weed was not his, but regardless, it should all be fine once the prescriptions are proven. The actor probably got off with a ticket for driving on a suspended license, which isn't a big offense. No other drugs were found on the RV and Corey Feldman and crew were never arrested.

Feldman tweeted about the encounter, claiming that he was not arrested or put in jail but received a misdemeanor due to a member of his crew possessing medical marijuana on his bus, and had a good sense of humor about the whole situation. Corey Feldman had this to say.

"No illegal or street drugs were found on the bus at all! Which is why nobody spent the night in jail... a bit of a good ol' shakedown."

Feldman said he was charged because it was his vehicle. The actor said no street drugs were found on the bus, and the group was told that all charges could be dropped with proof of proper prescriptions. He said the medicines, which included Xanax, were legal but weren't in their prescription bottles.

After everything was sorted out, Corey Feldman said that the officers asked for autographs and that he posed for pictures as well. Corey Feldman's performance was canceled, but he was still able to appear at the Live Oaks Bar and Ballroom in Monroe to hang out. All in all, it sounds exactly like what Corey Feldman is saying about it: It was not a big deal. Musician, Melissa Etheridge was recently arrested in North Dakota for marijuana possession and claims that she now feels "like a rock star" after the altercation and is thankful that it's only a misdemeanor.

Corey Feldman and the Angels are currently on a fall tour of the United States, which wraps up next month in Scottsdale, Arizona at BLK Live. Further dates and ticket information are available on Feldman's website. You can read his version of the events of the marijuana bust below, courtesy of Corey Feldman's Twitter account. It seems like it may be wise to travel with prescriptions for all medications from here on out.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick