Corey Feldman is continuing his war on sexual predators in Hollywood. Earlier this week The Goonies star announced that he intends to raise $10 million in order to fund a movie that will tell the story of his life, that will expose the pedophiles he claims to know in Hollywood. Now, in a new interview, Feldman has detailed his plans for his movie, in addition to claiming that someone who currently works for the Los Angeles Dodgers molested him in the 80s.

The actor and musician spoke on Megyn Kelly Today and, though he wouldn't name his alleged abuser, he says that this Dodgers employee "ran a child's club in Hollywood" at the time. Corey Feldman wouldn't name the abuser for fear that it would lead to legal repercussions, but this unnamed person is one of two who Feldman says molested him when he was a child star. He also says he's told these names to authorities and to reporters, but nobody has ever responded by putting the names out there.

"I've told these names to the police. I've told the names to investigative reporters. Nobody's ever put it out there."

Feldman's accusations come in the wake of the ongoing Harvey Weinstein scandal, which has sent a shockwave throughout Hollywood. Many in the industry have now stepped forward with tales of sexual harassment. In the majority of these cases, the accusers have named who abused them. Corey Feldman, on the other hand, intends to name his abusers with a movie he hopes to make. While speaking on Today, he talked a little bit about his movie and why it needs to happen his way, defending accusations that he doesn't need $10 million to do it.

"I'm taking the matter into my own hands. This is why I need America's support, I need the world's support. I must make a movie without an executive ... I'm going to self-distribute, self-market, make the film, and hire a team of attorneys who are going to protect me and the film when everybody comes at me. There are thousands of people in Hollywood who have the same information. Why is it all on me? ... I'm the victim here. I'm the one who's been abused. I'm the one who's trying to come forward and do something about it."

Feldman has at least publicly identified former child talent manager and convicted sex offender Marty Weiss as one of his abusers. He plans to name five other alleged abusers, but can't do so until he gets the proper legal representation, which is where some of the $10 million is going. Which doesn't sound out of the question in terms of legitimacy. Lawyers in Hollywood, especially good ones, are very expensive. Feldman goes onto say this.

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"Believe me, I would love the pain to stop today. This is about creating a cycle of awareness. This is about opening people's eyes and minds to the fact that this is a real problem."

As of this writing, Corey Feldman's Indiegogo campaign for the movie has raised $160,000, which is well shy of his $10 million goal. Feldman says that his former co-star Corey Haim, who passed away in 2010, was also sexually abused. However, Corey Haim's mom spoke with THR on the matter, calling Feldman a "scam artist."

"[Feldman has] been talking about revealing the names of his and other abusers for seven years, since my son died. Now he wants $10 million to do it? Come on. It's a long con. He's a scam artist. If he was serious about this, he'd share the information he has with the police."

Corey Feldman retaliated by called out the fact that Judy's last name hasn't been Haim for years, and that she is a 'bad woman who supports evil.' Its been pointed out many times that the publishers of the actor's 2013 book, Coreyography, wouldn't allow Corey Feldman to publish the names of the abusers, he claims. It's unclear how these events are going to play out in the coming weeks, but for now, based on Feldman's recent comments on Megyn Kelly Today, and with Matt Lauer on Today, it looks like we're not going to learn who these alleged pedophiles are before this movie comes out. You can check out the full interview clips with Corey Feldman for yourself below.

Ryan Scott