Goonies 2:Moviehole recently spoke with Corey Feldman about the recent rumors of location scouting for the Goonies sequel as well as any progress reports he could offer up on the film. Here's what he said:

Rumour has it that Richard Donner is finally getting going on "The Goonies" sequel, with scouting reportedly taking place in the Oregon State Park, Astoria, the same place where the first film was filmed. We checked in with a representative of the park to see if he's heard - or better still - seen anything. "I've heard that they're probably going to shoot - and probably in Astoria once again. Nothing about a state park location", he says. For a better confirmation we turned to actor Corey Feldman, who is believed to be starring in the flick - when [if it ever] gets going. "I just got off the phone with Mr. Donner and I can tell you that the source of your information is incorrect. Although they are working on a script idea for the movie that is as far as it has gone at this point." So I guess that means we've a story - but still no go on the sequel. Corey's currently working on "Cursed", which is getting back on track. Last week the digital creature was shown - and it's apparently sensational. Good news for those awaiting the troubled flick. More news on "Goonies 2" when or if it comes to hand.
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